Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Two Additional Points to Consider Regarding the Eruv Controversy

I applaud you for printing a couple of minority viewpoints concerning the recent “South Monsey” eruv controversy. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that most of the articles and editorials were of the identical tone to one another. The assumption by most journalists has been that the vocal residents of Mahwah who oppose the

Thanks to The Jewish Link for Covering Cory Booker’s ‘No’ Vote on Taylor Force Act

I thank the editors of the Jewish Link for prominently carrying the story of our senator, Cory Booker, voting “no” on the Taylor Force Act. I, too, am very disappointed by him. The bill was supported by AIPAC, the OU, ADL and many other Jewish organizations. Booker went against all of them. This followed the Iran fiasco last year, where Booker also voted to allow

Thanks From a Jewish Link Subscriber in Florida

One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a subscription to The Jewish Link. I read it every week, just as I did when I lived in Bergenfield, and even now I pass it on to a friend, so two families benefit from the one subscription. It keeps me connected with my many friends in Teaneck and Bergenfield, where I lived my

Congressman Gottheimer Must Be Held to His Pro-Israel Campaign Stance

Thank you for last week’s editorial advocating “Move Forward With the Taylor Force Act” (August 3, 2017). There are many in Congress who are trying to make this happen. It is outrageous that our US taxpayer funds are being used to reward terrorists for killing innocent people. As of today (8/7/17), there are 102 members of the House

Let Us View Perceived Anti-Semitism in Mahwah Through Another Lens

In reading Justin Feldman’s op-ed (“A Fresh Perspective on the Mahwah Eruv,” August 3, 2017) in which he claims to have experienced anti-Semitism at a Mahwah town meeting, I would like to propose that perhaps he was observing a reasonable response to the eruv question. There are problems with eruvin:

A Very Personal Reminder to Always Wear a Helmet

Three days after Tisha b’Av, 12 Av, is our brother Dr. Heshy Rosenbaum’s 46th yahrtzeit. Heshy, z”l, a resident in pediatrics, was a very gentle person, super smart and loved to play ball. He was the pride of our family, becoming a doctor. He was always careful to be mekadesh shem Shamayim through his actions and behavior. For many of

Men and Women Should Keep Their Distinctive Roles Within Judaism

I was somewhat surprised that there were no letters or responses to the article on the rabbinic ordination of women,  (“Rabba Eryn London Receives Semicha From Yeshivat Maharat,” July 20, 2017) albeit with the alternative titles of “Maharat” or “Rabba.” I would like to share a perspective—not from a halachic place, as there are rabbis far more qualified

There Is an Additional Expense-Saving Program for Schools

Regarding Wallace Greene’s article, “Show Me the Money” (July 27, 2017), an additional expense-saving program for schools is the federally funded E-Rate program. It is administered under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The program provides discounts, or rebates, that assist schools and

Benjamin Seligsohn Also Named After His Maternal Great-Grandfather

Thank you to The Jewish Link for the mazel tov and accompanying photo congratulating (July 27, 2017) our children Daniel and Daniella Seligsohn on the birth of their son Benjamin. I would just like to note that the baby is named after both of his maternal great-grandfathers: grandfather Bobby Kaplan’s father, Ben/Baer Kaplan, and grandmother Ruby Kaplan’s father,

Teaneck’s National Night Out Should Allow for Full Community Participation

I want to express my disappointment with our civic leaders for allowing the Teaneck National Night Out to be scheduled on Tisha B’Av, August 1. The Night Out should be an event when the entire Teaneck community comes together to celebrate our town and show support for the police department. Unfortunately, the observant

Daf Hashovua Evolved From Rav Teitz’ Radio Program

Congratulations to the participants in the Daf Hashovua initiative; the news of the siyum is inspiring. The title of the program has a heritage, and knowing the context of the name will enrich the meaning of its current use.

Do Not Allow a Municipal Ordinance to Veil Anti-Semitism

The eruv has a significant and important role in the Orthodox Jewish community on the Sabbath and is often invisible to the eye. An eruv allows this community of faith to walk with a stroller to carry a young family to synagogue and handle similar tasks that would otherwise not be permitted on the Sabbath. We know that