Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ita Taub, owner of ET Interiors, injects her infectious excitement right into your new construction, interior design or renovation project. She employs the unique sensitivity of her initial education in social work to tune in to the highly personal and emotional nature of her work with the ET Interiors clientele. Two of her specialty areas of client focus are new business owners and couples who have purchased a new home. Ita captures their excitement in a new home or business venture, yet is keenly sensitive to their apprehension of the unknown when preparing an environment for their future needs. She infuses the confidence of a seasoned professional into making the careful, tasteful and functional decisions required for interior design creation, smoothing the way for the process itself. Often this includes considerations in ergonomics and other on-site business-flow issues.

Taub knows that the ultimate goal of her work with clients is defined by the relationship. Engendering trust that she understands what they want and what they need can sometimes call in her distinctive ability to guide clients about the possible difference between what they want and what they truly need. The element of trust and making goals as a team are essential in setting up outcome expectations that are realistic, fulfill the needs of the project and will ultimately bring ideas to fruition.

ET Interiors prides itself on passing forward the advantages of her strong relationships in the industry to her clients. From lighting to plumbing fixtures, carpenters to design companies and flooring to wall papers, she assists clients to think outside the box and stretch themselves to create designs that are timeless and beautiful, and not confined simply by what is trending. This process embraces cutting-edge electronics and appliance technology that will fuse both beauty and functionality with endurance.

Since its inception and following relocation to New Jersey eight years ago, ET Interiors has designed both residential and commercial properties. For both new construction and redesigned living space for existing structures, ET has worked with clients to create both elegant and rugged, functional spaces. In the commercial arena ET Interiors has been involved in the construction and design of many medical offices and therapy centers, both of which have highly specialized structural and electrical requirements and regulations. In addition to those requirements, ET Interiors strives to create and complete home and business spaces that ultimately make the business client shine, and make the residential customer feel truly at home and content in their space.

Contact ET Interiors at 917-561-2734 and visit their website at www.etinteriors.design.

By Ellie Wolf