Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shmarya and Lainie Richler

The Muffin Boutique’s treats are ‘made with love by nice people.’

Shmarya and Lainie Richler of the Muffin Boutique in Jerusalem are actively taking orders for mishloach manot that can be sent throughout the Jerusalem and Gush Etzion areas. The Muffin Boutique’s delicious gifts contain no preservatives, no hydrogenated fat and no margarine. Only healthy ingredients form the flavors of the many options to purchase. Everything is made each day fresh out of the oven. The store is under the hashgacha of the Badatz Mehadrin Jerusalem.

The renown of the Muffin Boutique on Ben Yehuda Street has now spread far and wide. The Richlers’ dream was to sell healthy and delicious muffins in Jerusalem, but absolutely no one was selling the unique texture and flavor of the incomparable “Montreal bagel.” The Richlers know this special pastry well as they originally hail from Montreal; they settled in Efrat many years ago.

However, great, healthy muffins and delectable treats aren’t all that the Richlers are known for. Some may remember the Muffin Boutique from The Jewish Link’s previous coverage of the beautiful chesed it extends to chayalim. Any chayal who enters the store is automatically treated to a free meal. The Richlers originally sought to fundraise for this endeavor, but then made a decision that with or without private funding chayalim needed to be rewarded in some way for what they do for Medinat Yisrael. However, several shuls and schools in the States and Canada have recently made substantial donations to this project. Students have undertaken fundraising projects in the Akiva School in Montreal, the Montreal Hebrew Academy, Ulpana in Toronto and the Kemp Mill Synagogue in Silver Spring, Maryland. Obviously the Richlers would welcome further contributions of this kind. However, their chesed will continue directly from their hearts.

With that in mind, why not send your mishloach manot in Israel through the Muffin Boutique? Purim seems to be a time when many feel the need to fill their mouths (and mishloach manot) with candies, Bamba and loads of unhealthy choices, but only fresh goodies will be found in the Richlers’ baskets. “We care about the food that you eat,” said Shmarya.

Purim is also so close to Pesach that many end up throwing out half of what they receive. But no one would even consider such an option upon receiving one of the varieties of gift baskets available through the Muffin Boutique’s website. All are filled with luscious, healthy choices. Parents often complain that when their children go to Israel for a year or two they lose their perspective on what healthy food choices should be, and unfortunately many school options are not particularly nutritious. Sending mishloach manot to a child, grandchild, relative or friend in Jerusalem or the Gush area will assure that you know that at least what you have sent is nourishing and tasty, and made with love by nice people.

In addition to the many options available in the store located at 16 Ben Yehuda, the Richlers are now doing catering for smachot. Visit their website at www.muffinboutique.com to order your mishloach manot now. Shmarya can also be reached with any questions at [email protected] or 011 972 02 5000041 or 011 972 52 77 22 368. Note the order form on the website.

By Nina Glick