Tuesday, September 26, 2017

“Doing laundry is a calming experience,” said no one ever. The new ownership of Valet Laundry in Little Ferry is capitalizing on that. Since this concierge service opened, doing laundry and preparing for chagim has been made much easier for many households, families and singles in the area. Many who find doing laundry a necessary evil are eagerly grabbing on to this new phenomenon.

Just call Valet Laundry and within 24 hours your laundry will be washed, sorted, folded and returned to you. Want to keep your children’s clothing separate? Put boys’ clothing in one bag and girls’ in another and the laundry will be returned exactly that way, making it much easier to put everything back into the appropriate drawers at home. Grandparents, with one phone call, will be able to have their sheets and towels washed and folded a day after the family leaves after a brief visit.

Even those who have in-home cleaning help find pre-Pesach preparation overwhelming. No longer does this have to be the case. Blankets, quilts, sheets and tablecloths will be washed and dried in the extra-large machines that Valet Laundry has on its premises. There is no maximum allowable size for laundered items.

Three ladies spend their days doing nothing but washing and sorting clothing to ensure that it will be returned looking bright and clean. Families without household help find this service to be invaluable, as it allows them the time to concentrate on more important issues in their household and frees hours that they can now spend with children and friends and the innumerable household tasks that await them.

The possibility of returning home with loads of laundry following a long chag and chol hamoed spent in various destinations suddenly has become less daunting. The adage of “needing a vacation” upon returning from a vacation will no longer apply when it comes to laundering your household’s clothing.

Looking ahead to before and after the camp season, Valet Laundry is prepared to freshen all quilts, blankets and pillows prior to camp, and is more than ready to receive the dirty, smelly duffel bags upon your children’s return. Just remove shoes and other non-washable items from the bag and call. Within 24 hours it will all be done without any damage to your nose from the odors emanating from the mess in the duffel bags.

Be sure to call Valet Laundry and take advantage of the coupon and discount that is available in their ad in The Jewish Link. Call 646-918-4444 or contact them at [email protected].

By Nina Glick