Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beth (Bassie) Taubes

Pesach memories are fading. Big potato-laden, matzah-heavy menus are being retired until next year. But the desire to snack, keep humming Dayeinu and commit to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging for some. Enter Health Coach Beth (Bassie) Taubes, RN, OCN, CBCN, CYT, owner of Wellness Motivations, located in Teaneck.

Taubes has devoted much of her professional career to helping people improve their health and embark on healthier lifestyles. A nurse with a subspecialty in oncology, Taubes has over 30 years experience in patient education.

About five years ago, Taubes added to her nursing degrees by becoming a certified health coach, and later a certified fitness trainer and a certified yoga instructor to further enhance her ability to help people realize their health goals. While she does still do some work with cancer patients, she now primarily sees people who have been diagnosed with other chronic conditions as well as people who are simply looking to lose weight, become more active, sleep better, reduce their stress levels or just want someone to support them in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Taubes told The Jewish Link, “When working with cancer patients a few years back, I noted that data about healthy living and the lower recurrence of breast cancer was very compelling. I thought that there must be something else I can do for women besides provide chemotherapy in order to be able to help them stay healthy. At that point I started seeing clients one day a week in my office for nutrition and healthy-living counselling. When I started, I saw women who had just completed their cancer treatment. But after a short time, I realized that I could expand the health program I was offering them to anyone—man or woman—looking to make a lifestyle change.”

Many people call Taubes for help with weight loss, but Taubes explained that her approach is not just about helping them lose weight. She looks at their overall lifestyle, including what time they wake up and go to bed every day, what they eat and drink, what their physical activity is, what their stress level is and more. “I try to determine what the motivating force behind the person’s calling me is so that we can figure out the best approach for that individual.”

After an initial consultation and extensive intake session, Taubes develops an individualized plan for each client. She’ll educate her clients about healthy food choices and then create a nutrition program that’s easy to follow and will cater to each person’s specific food preferences. She will also help develop a plan for reducing stress levels and lead them in a unique combination of aerobic and strength-building exercises, including yoga.

“I changed the way I live after I turned 50,” Taubes shared. “I felt that I first needed to walk the walk before I could talk the talk and start telling other people what to do. Many of the strategies I use with my clients are things that have worked for me.”

In addition to health counseling, Taubes also offers personal training and group fitness classes (for women) in her studio. Because of her extensive medical experience, she also helps clients who need it navigate their treatment and care. This might be something as simple as explaining the medical jargon to them but it also might be taking over the scheduling of appointments or even finding health care providers for her clients to see. “I can assist clients in maintaining and creating an optimum personalized health plan regardless of their current health status.”

Taubes will be offering a one-on-one “jump start” program, meeting twice a week for 10 sessions, which will include both nutritional guidance and personal training. She will also continue with her weekly group fitness classes in the studio on Monday and Wednesday evenings. “Making sure you’re physically active is at least as important as managing your weight,” stressed Taubes.

To learn more about Wellness Motivations or to schedule a free phone consultation, contact Beth at 917-748-2956 or visit wellnessmotivationsbt.com.

By Sara Kosowsky Gross