Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Before-and-after transformation of Akiva Tolchin following approaching his health holistically. (Credit: Akiva Tolchin)

The Live Green logo. (Credit: Akiva Tolchin)

Following an arduous battle with a chronic illness, Teaneck resident and TABC alum Akiva Tolchin is excited to be sharing information about affordable healthy living. A musician by profession, Tolchin has partnered with Live Green, a wholesale market dedicated to making organic foods cost-efficient, where he serves as an independent affiliate helping raise awareness of the benefits of healthier eating habits. Using the products purchased through the company, Tolchin intends to help families save money while also enabling them to keep up an organic lifestyle.

It was a few years ago when Tolchin found himself becoming increasingly unwell; the symptoms came about slowly, starting with fatigue, mild dizziness and general weakness. With time, however, things exacerbated to the point that he was dealing with severe cognitive dysfunction, autoimmune symptoms and food sensitivities.

“Things were getting pretty hard,” Tolchin shared in an interview with The Jewish Link. “I got to a point where I was no longer functional. I started reacting to virtually every food and environmental toxin. My body drastically deteriorated.”

In pursuit of answers for his symptoms, Tolchin sought medical help. However, meeting with doctors left him with no solutions.

“After meeting with a doctor I started on a new regimen,” Tolchin elaborated. “Things started looking up for a while, but eventually I grew sick again. I ended up spending the next six months in bed.”

After meeting with an integrative doctor, Tolchin was diagnosed with Babesia, which is a tick-borne illness that affects one’s red blood cells, and Candida overgrowth, a fungal infection. However, the treatment did not solve the underlying issues and left Tolchin with no more options in the medical world. This was when he started approaching his health holistically. With organic foods, supplements and lifestyle changes, Tolchin has been climbing out of this serious chronic illness.

“It’s amazing,” Tolchin said. “It’s almost too good to be true. Hashem made a world that empowers us to put the right things in our bodies and completely transform ourselves. What I’m experiencing is nothing short of miraculous.”

Tolchin’s interests led him to discovering Live Green. Learning more about their process, he decided that he wanted to get involved with their operations.

“Live Green offers an online market where they sell pretty much all the organic and healthier products you’d find in Whole Foods at a reduced price,” Tolchin continued. “I really connect with the value of what they’re doing in making organic foods more affordable. Other companies that sell organic products mark the prices up significantly. I know that so many people want to eat well, but don’t because of the expense.”

Using Live Green’s system, a case of six Maranatha Natural Foods Almond Butters can be purchased for $106, whereas on Amazon it would go for nearly $200. Similarly, a case of six Primal Kitchen Avocado Oils can be bought for $60, while Amazon has it on sale for $135.

“It’s an incredible initiative,” Tolchin added. “It makes having a healthy home a lot easier to maintain. I hope people interested will utilize their offerings to the fullest extent.”

Live Green charges an annual membership fee of $100. They also have deals with major retailers and offer 4.5 percent cash back at Target, 3.6 percent at Walgreens and Walmart, and 2.7 percent at Macy’s and Home Depot, as well as many others. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website at https://www.livegreen.life/akivatolchin or reach out to Tolchin at [email protected]

By Adam Samuel

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. When he isn’t busy reading the daily news, he divides his time between managing his blog, adamssoapbox.blog, and gradually learning how to play piano.