Monday, January 21, 2019

Les Weiss of Blue Skies Car Service.

In this fast-paced world, we’re always on our way somewhere. Whether it’s school, work, a doctor’s appointment or the airport, we like to get where we’re going hassle free and as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

Hawthorne resident Les Weiss understands this. That’s why 11 years ago he decided to launch Blue Skies Car Service. His business model is simple: Offer economical pricing and professional transportation in clean, comfortable vehicles driven by courteous drivers.

Weiss told The Jewish Link: “I’m semi-retired now. In my professional career, I wore many hats and not only handled the logistics of getting people and products to where they needed to go, I was also a problem solver people relied on to come up with successful, creative solutions. Today I take those same skills and apply them to my business. Then, as now, I believed in the importance of learning from mistakes, and that’s why I view every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. If a client has a suggestion I’m always open to hearing it.”

Customer service, respect and communication are the keys to Weiss’ success, in addition to personal integrity and honesty at all times. He has 12 men and women he works with and they all share the same philosophy. As he puts it, “We operate the old-fashioned way. It’s our goal to meet your needs. We know how to carry on a conversation but we also recognize when a client prefers quiet.”

Many of Blue Skies’ drivers speak multiple languages and some have particular specialties. For instance, one knows how to navigate the local sporting arenas while another is quite adept at avoiding traffic in the theater district. With so many parents working when schools let out, Weiss also has a number of parents who hire him to pick their kids up at school and take them home, to their grandparents’ homes or to afterschool activities. And it’s not only the local Bergen County schools to which they drive. They’ve been driving to schools in Riverdale and Westchester for years.

No drive is too big or too small. They can drive you to a doctor’s appointment, whether it’s in town or in Manhattan. Have a wedding out on Long Island and don’t want to take the bus to the LIRR to a local cab? Consider Weiss and his team your personal drivers. Are your kids and grandchildren coming to town? Blue Skies can meet them at the airport, train station or cruise terminal to bring them to your home. They even provide complimentary booster seats and car seats.

Do you have an upcoming family event? Blue Skies can pick up your guests, bring them to the affair and take them back home. If you have a large group, Weiss will arrange for several cars to come to take the group to their destination. While they frequently drive people to joyous family celebrations like bar and bat mitzvahs, Weiss also drives people to funerals in the metropolitan New York area where, he commented, parking can be quite challenging in certain neighborhoods. He’s also driven people to visit the graves of loved ones while he waits in the car.

How does Blue Skies differ from other car services? “We’re available and around 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Weiss. “You will never hear us say we have no cars available at this time. We try to make it as easy as possible for clients. A driver will be assigned as quickly as possible, but always within the hour. Clients can call us a week before, a day before or even the same day.”

When you hire Blue Skies, you will receive the name of the driver and his or her cell phone number, and the day before your driver will call you and introduce him or herself. “We want to develop a relationship with our customers so we’ll try to give you the same driver each time, upon request.”

Weiss himself has some clients he’s been driving for 10 years. An impressive 70 percent of his business is made up of referrals, and advertising makes up the rest. “We want to make travelling as economical and stress free as possible,” he stressed.

To learn more or to get a free estimate on an upcoming trip, call or text 201-835-2352 or visit http://blueskiescarservice.com.

By Sara Kosowsky Gross