Saturday, February 16, 2019

Summer makeup embraces a sheer finish with neutral tones and a touch of shimmer.

Dior Lip Addict Ultra Gloss. (Credit: dior.com)

Summer is a time to enjoy some changes to one’s look, and makeup is no exception. Fabrics embrace lighter weight and bright colors, and this general rule carries through into cosmetics as well. Adela Mrkulic, makeup artist at Elie Tanous Salon in Riverside Square, helps take women into the summer cosmetic season.

“This spring and summer we have seen lots of bold colors like blues, greens and shades of turquoise,” said Mrkulic. “People even use them as pops of color under the lid in eyeliners.”

Skin and Cheeks

Summer makeup has a lighter finish than makeup during winter and other months, and achieving that look often requires different products. Dewy skin is popular every summer, with its fresh and natural appearance, and peach tones, whether on lips, cheeks or even eyelids, are a neutral color that work with most skin tones.

“We often choose to do away with foundation and use a tinted moisturizer such as the First Aid brand set with bronzer and powder instead during the summer,” said Mrkulic.

For those who hesitate to use bronzers because of the concern of an unnatural color, Mrkulic advised trying Benefit Cosmetic Hoola Bronzer for a light, natural bronze finish. It even comes with its own brush for easy application.

Color on cheeks also has an updated look for summer. “Instead of using blush, I prefer the lightness of highlighter on cheeks,” said Mrkulic. For a highlighter, she recommended trying Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

To keep the look over the course of the day, dabbing with a powder like Laura Mercier translucent powder will help keep makeup matte.


Nude-colored lips are making their comeback this summer. “Darks and merlots are left behind with winter,” said Mrkulic, adding that mattes are also a thing of the past. “People wear less makeup during the spring and summer, so sheer makeup is chosen over dramatic colors of winter.”

Glosses for lips are a perfect addition to the summer makeup, and are available in many different shades for those who still prefer more pigment in their makeup with the fresh shine of gloss. Mrkulic likes Dior Lip Addict Gloss for its moisturizing benefits as well as its ability to combine with each person’s lip for a custom color.

Metallics have long been wildly popular in fashion. These sparkly additions are part of summer’s beauty repertoire as well, with metallic shades available for face, cheeks, lips and even eyes. Foiled colors, especially in eyeshadows, add the metallic finish to any look.

“Metallics were popular in winter, and now carry over to blend with bold colors for summer,” said Mrkulic. Glitter is popular too and is easily applied on a wand rather than a glue with glitter sprinkles as was seen in the past.

“The colors of cosmetics are lighter to complement the shades of fashion this season,” said Mrkulic. As the saying goes, less is more, especially during this season. “Waterproof mascara, lip gloss, tinted moisturizer and bronzer, highlighter on cheeks—and that’s your go-to for summer,” she said.

Mrkulic always recommends a consult to find what works best for each person. Elie is right around the corner in The Shops at Riverside, so call them anytime for a free consultation.

By Jenny Gans