Saturday, July 20, 2019

From the moment you walk into Bespoke Spa, you feel welcomed and embraced. The air smells clean and fresh, like shaving cream and soap. The tall framed mirrors and the clean hardwood floors create an atmosphere that most other barber shops wish they could emulate. Now in its fourth year on Queen Anne Road, Bespoke Spa has a consistent, diverse clientele that is making it one of the most successful men’s grooming stores for men and boys in the area. People hang out and talk to each other while sitting on a small couch, as though they were at a lounge. Employees bond with their customers and have fun with each other. Owner Andre “Dre” Perrin has been seeing unprecedented success in his new location, which he attributes to the friendly atmosphere.

Dre’s customers feel passionate about Bespoke as well. “The shop is a special place. The barbers have created an environment that makes their clients feel at home when they’re in the chair. It’s a great vibe and no matter whose chair you’re in, your barber will have you looking better than you did when you first came in,” enthused Jack Levine.

Bespoke takes care to make waiting times as short and customer-friendly as possible. The salon is very kid friendly, with a special area for kids 13 and under to hang out or play video games. For adults, there is always a movie playing, and customers can enjoy complimentary drinks. The space is comfortable and organized with a professional air.

When Perrin came to the industry at age 19, the hair salon world was very segregated. Now, Bespoke cuts hair for people of all races and backgrounds, and includes barber services specifically adhering to Jewish law. Perrin said he developed this approach, which is now trending around the area. He believed that success included bringing the community together, a goal he has achieved. The staff is also very diverse, with loyal clientele. People travel great distances to get their haircut at Bespoke, he said, some even flying in because they love the quality so much.

The biggest challenge for Perrin was overcoming the race issue to create one family, and that has definitely been accomplished. He did not expect to have such a big Jewish customer base at first, but the location on Queen Anne Road, very close to many kosher restaurants and in the middle of a big Jewish community, is bringing in people who he had never previously served.

Rafael, or “Refi,” as he is known, is a Jewish barber and works often with the shop’s Jewish clientele, fully cognizant of the Jewish laws regarding men’s haircuts and beards. “Refi has a way of understanding his customers,” said loyal customer Shimmy Alter. “I’ve seen guys come in not knowing what kind of haircut they want. They leave with the cut they really wanted, but never knew how to describe.”

Perrin emphasizes his pride in serving the community through his many social action events from toy drives to safety seminars. “I am happy that the community has embraced me with love,” he added. “We have a lot of support from the community.”

Bespoke Spa is at 1395 Queen Anne Road in Teaneck. Learn more by calling 201-862-0181.

By Zach Marcus

Zach Marcus is a senior at Kushner in Livingston.