Monday, May 20, 2019

Snaxit has kosher fresh food daily. (Credit: Snaxit)

During Chol Hamoed, hundreds of people stopped at Snaxit for food and a sukkah to eat in. (Credit: Snaxit)

The entrance to Snaxit at the Delta Gas Station on Route 4 West. (Credit: Snaxit)

Convenience stores aren’t very convenient when you want something to eat and all you can do is look longingly at the non-kosher food for sale. Unless you stop at Snaxit, a completely kosher convenience store, open 24/6, located at 475 Route 4 West, Englewood, at the Delta gas station one mile past the George Washington Bridge.

Snaxit has fresh kosher sandwiches and hot food daily including kugel, cholent and knishes. Snaxit is the only convenience store on Route 4 that has sealed chalav yisrael milk and hot chocolate, plus ice cream and slush. Snaxit also has kosher Doritos from Israel, baked goods, nuts, candies, yogurt and beverages. During Chanukah, there will be plenty of fresh doughnuts for sale.

Manager Sruli Kupperman said Snaxit is designed for commuters from the area coming home from the city and people traveling upstate. Kupperman said he sometimes sees informal mincha minyans form on the premises. Night owls and weary drivers returning from weddings in the wee hours are also grateful for Snaxit’s open door and kosher selections, including the very popular freshly brewed coffee at 99 cents for a 12-ounce cup and $1.49 for 16 ounces.

“We’re small now, only 300 square feet, but every inch is well supplied with kosher ready-to-eat food and items people need,” he said.

The name Snaxit explains its purpose and location: snacks without having to exit from the highway. Look for the kosher sign just before the entrance to the Delta gas station, the fourth gas station on Route 4 West after the George Washington Bridge. Although a separate business, Kuperman said Delta will always have the lowest gas prices on Route 4. So you can fill up your tank and your tummy in one stop.

Snaxit also has all the supplies you might need on the road, including car accessories like oil and fluids, mobile phone chargers, paper goods and Tylenol. So why not pick them up where you can also get a meal, or snacks for the kids? With hashgacha from Skvere Bedatz, you can be assured of the highest kashrut standards. There’s also a section with Jewish magazines and CDs to keep the kids entertained on a long car trip.

Kupperman encourages schools to contact him before taking students on an outing. The bus can break up the trip with a stop at Snaxit and he’ll give everyone a treat. A cup of slush makes any trip more fun.

For more information about Snaxit, visit https://www.instagram.com/snaxit/.