Sunday, December 08, 2019

Business Spotlight

Are ‘Sit-Down’ Dinners a Thing of the Past?

For many nonprofits, the biggest money maker of the year is the annual dinner or gala. Depending on the size of the fundraiser, its track record, its philanthropic base of support and related variables often will dictate its financial success. For the purposes of this column, we will focus exclusively on the dinner type of

Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter and More Affordable

In years past, one might have thought that having an automated smart home was something out of a Ray Bradbury science fiction story. However, that is no longer the case. Efraim Vaynman, founder and owner of Automated Abode, offers home-automation services at an affordable price in the New York/New Jersey area. Home automation

PAINT WITH ME! and Meet Your Inner Artist

Looking to celebrate a family occasion; commemorate a personal simcha; run a corporate, staff-appreciation or team-building event; hold fundraiser, shul activity or camp activity; or just partake in a great family or group activity? Look no further than PAINT WITH ME!, a step-by-step personalized

Elie Tanous Salon Helps Update Beauty Looks for Summer

Summer is a time to enjoy some changes to one’s look, and makeup is no exception. Fabrics embrace lighter weight and bright colors, and this general rule carries through into cosmetics as well. Adela Mrkulic, makeup artist at Elie Tanous Salon in Riverside Square, helps take women into the summer cosmetic

Profitable Mentoring

The worst thing about a cube farm is that nobody peeks over his cube. Too many offices are set up like a housing development that no one has made the effort to transform into a neighborhood. People don’t get tapped on the shoulder and taken into the inner sanctum by some member of the old guard.

Using Waze as Your Car’s Built-In Navigation System

My wife drives a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. She routinely tells me she loves her car. I am less enthusiastic. For $2,000 we upgraded the vehicle to the “tech package” that includes a navigation system, but the vehicle’s built-in navigational interface is shamefully behind the times. Therefore, to navigate while driving, I clip

Winning Edge 2018 Business Conference Takes Business to the Next Level

The Winning Edge 2018 Conference, which took place Monday, June 18, at Montclair State University, brought together a stimulating and comprehensive array of business professionals who thoroughly encouraged and engaged the audience, and addressed all of the challenges any business will face. From bringing creative ideas to

‘Do Fundraising Journals Make Attractive Doorstops?’

Fundraising journals do not make attractive doorstops. Some are big and clunky. Others are slim and trim and may not even hold the door open. You might even trip on one when walking through same door. Hence, they don’t serve a useful purpose.

In case you haven’t sensed my sarcasm, I don’t

Deal Alert! Tax Reform’s New Big Deduction

Who doesn’t love a good deal? That’s why we check Dan’s Deals, Slickdeals, Brad’s Deals, Fatwallet and Groupon. But it’s not as simple as getting a good price on something you need—it’s so much more than that. It’s the thrill of the find that gets our blood pumping. This explains why according to a study conducted

Imagine Getting an Offer for Every Job You Want

After 20 years of professional executive recruiting and hundreds of successful placements, I have seen some of the brightest, most talented professionals in business languish in their careers. I have seen frustrated, disillusioned, disheartened candidates relinquish control of their careers to “fate.” The primary culprit:

SHABBOSLITE® Offers Two Innovative Designs to Enhance Your Shabbos

With over 40 years of experience in the lighting profession, Mark Blechner is the definitive source for all things lighting-related. Blessed with keen business acumen and extensive expertise of the industry, he realized that LED lighting technology and functional practical design could be combined with halachic approval to create

Truth or Consequences … How to Give Employees Feedback

In the bestseller “Good to Great,” Jim Collins discovered that “the good-to-great companies continually refined the path to greatness with the brutal facts of reality.”

And, in his recent autobiography, Jack Welch reports that he spent about half of his time on people: recruiting new talent,