Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Business Spotlight

Designed for Blue Water

Blue-water sailing refers to open-sea sailing, such as ocean crossings, where one is unable to put in at a sheltered harbor to avoid heavy weather. When storms bear down, a sailboat and its crew must be able to ride out the event, sometimes trimming all sails and simply absorbing the punishment of violent winds and heaving seas until the

Durable Goods and Zero-Interest Loans

A frequently overlooked topic in discussions about personal finance is how to best purchase durable goods. Durable goods are products that don’t have to be purchased frequently, usually last for longer periods and are typically kept for five years or more. This definition encompasses a wide range of items such as automobiles, appliances,

Mike Aghachi: Creating a Business the Right Way

Paramus—What drives you? What motivates you? For some people, that might be a challenging question. However, for Mike Aghachi, owner and founder of LuxQue, a boutique real estate marketing firm, the answer is simple. He wants to give back to those who helped him and his family.

TJE Provides Business Mentorship to Would-Be Entrepreneurs

The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE) is an exciting new program for the Jewish business community. TJE provides a full-service, pro-bono mentoring program for Jewish entrepreneurs of all affiliations. Our mentors are recruited from across the business spectrum and are available to help both aspiring, as well as existing,

American Oleh Turns Matchmaker for Israeli Businesses

Jeremy Lustman is the unlikeliest of shadchanim.

A 42-year-old resident of Hashmonaim who grew up in Baltimore and has been a practicing lawyer for the last 15 years, Lustman spends a significant amount of time flying around the world meeting eligible prospects. But it isn’t

Up-and-Coming Israeli Companies Look to Do Business in the USA

Over 50 high-ranking Israeli business executives, including CEOs/CFOs (chief executive officers, chief financial officers), were treated to an eye-opening and informative conference, focusing on the financial, legal and mass media aspects of opening an American subsidiary, which was sponsored by Amcon Marketing at the Israel Export

Elle Bee Puts the Fun Back Into Travel

Teaneck—Everyone enjoys a vacation from time to time, but for many people, the hassle of actually planning and scheduling the trip can be a deterrent. For Teaneck-raised Lauren Cooper, founder of Elle Bee & Co, the planning and scheduling is a thrill. Having worked in television and film production since

Building a Lasting Image for Your Brand

Let’s say you’re opening up your own small business. You’ve found a niche that you feel will set you apart from other companies, you’ve found your target market, and you’ve done your due diligence to get everything set in place for opening. All that you need to come up with is a name and a logo. For people who might not be as

Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs: Success Is Doing Hashem’s Work

Oftentimes, when women get together the talk quickly turns to babies, children and household tasks. But that wasn’t the case as several hundred, primarily Orthodox, women gathered for the 2015 Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs’ annual conference.

Held Oct. 18 and 19 at the Crowne Plaza in

Serv-Tech: One-Stop Shopping for Your Heat and A/C Needs

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As the more extreme weather seasons approach, that adage gains tremendous weight in the HVAC business. Denis Cekic, owner of Serv-Tech Heating & Cooling, LLC, recommends service appointments for heating and air conditioning prior to the start of the winter and summer

The Purple Bow Brings Toy Treasures, Kid Gear to Teaneck

With the chagim finished and Chanukah the next big Jewish holiday on the horizon, everyone should know that this past summer, Teaneck welcomed an exciting new children’s gift store to its shopping landscape. The Purple Bow, located on Queen Anne Road next to EJ’s, opened in June, and added more than a

Individual Disability Insurance: A Must for ‘Specialized Incomes’

“Risk is an arbitrary concept, until you experience it.”—Carl Richards, The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things With Money

Most of the time, buying insurance is a decision to pre-pay a modest fee for something you hope never happens: You pay a premium hoping you’ll never