Saturday, December 07, 2019

Business Spotlight

Snaxit Provides Kosher Refreshments on Route 4 West Near the GWB

Convenience stores aren’t very convenient when you want something to eat and all you can do is look longingly at the non-kosher food for sale. Unless you stop at Snaxit, a completely kosher convenience store, open 24/6, located at 475 Route 4 West, Englewood, at the Delta gas station one mile past the George

OU Selects Six Non-Profit Startups to Benefit From New Impact Accelerator

(Courtesy of OU) The Orthodox Union (OU), the nation’s oldest and largest umbrella organization for the North American Orthodox Jewish community, has announced a cohort of six winning non-profit organizations that it will support through its new Impact Accelerator. Launched in early 2018, the OU Impact Accelerator was created to provide

Are You More Fulfilled at Work Than at Home?

How you might be sabotaging your bottom line.

You love what you do.

You’re good at it.

And sometimes—it’s hard to admit, and maybe you’ve never said it aloud—it’s more rewarding to be at work than it is to be

Always Remember to Say Thank You

My mother used to tell me when I received a gift or if someone did something nice for me: “Always remember to say ‘Thank you.’” Didn’t your mother or parents do the same? When you are a little child, and growing up, this response just becomes a natural one and it becomes something you do by rote. It’s automatic. Or it

13 ‘S’ Tips to Become More Productive

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor confirms what many of us already suspect. Employee productivity is on the decline, with increases in email to respond to, web surfing, daily meetings, and poor management partly to blame (though meetings and idea sharing, while not productive per se, can and often do yield positive

136 Names for a Student Loan

College is expensive. You know that. To help pay for college, scholarships, grants and loans are available. You know that, too. But determining how much college costs, and how much assistance you can expect to receive, well, that often depends on your definitions of “cost” and “assistance.” Or more precisely, it depends on

All You Ever Need to Know About LinkedIn

(Courtesy of Parnassah Network) It is no secret that for most businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the most effective online networking tool around. Whether you gain the clients, customers and connections you dream of, or you get lost in the crowd, depends on the quality of your profile, network and targeting.

Emily’s Caregiving Services Expand Into NJ

Emily’s Services provides 24-hour caregiving services to the elderly and new mothers. The company was started by Avigail Rafael, after a chance meeting with a needy family in Borough Park, Brooklyn. She assisted the family, and her kindness was repaid as word spread of her innate ability to nurture and care for the elderly. She was

B-Seed: Helping Investors Grow Financially With Israeli Innovation

(Courtesy of B-Seed) Hardly a day goes by without news of an Israeli company being bought by a multinational corporation. Buyout records keep rising, as corporations turn to Israeli innovators for new technology. Names like Waze, Mobileye, NeuroDerm and Orbotech are just a few of the many buyouts that turned Israeli investors into

Tribeworks Hosts All-New Jewish Business Accelerator Event

(Courtesy of Tribeworks) A hub for business growth, networking and funding, TribeWorks has captured the attention of entrepreneurs and startups from across the Jewish world. Launched by a coalition of leading Jewish non-profits, TribeWorks is the first ever collaborative effort to connect Jewish entrepreneurs with the services,

Foy & Seplowitz Marks Fifth Year of Service to Community

The law firm of Foy & Seplowitz, located on Main Street in Hackensack, is marking its fifth year of service to Bergen County and the surrounding communities. The firm is a boutique law firm dedicated to representing individuals accused of crimes or serious motor vehicle offenses in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and

A&E Fine Art Represents Israel’s Leading Artists

If you have been to Israel recently, maybe just returning from the Sukkot holiday, you know that Israel has developed a thriving art scene, with visual content and styles ranging from Biblical to ultra-modern, religious to abstract. Isaac Aviram has been mentoring and representing Israeli artists