Saturday, December 07, 2019

Business Spotlight

Teaneck Mathnasium Is Under New Management

The Teaneck outpost of the Mathnasium franchise, located on Queen Anne Road, has officially reopened under new management. Now run by Yeshivat Noam and Frisch School parents, Matt and Stefanie Diamond of Teaneck, the learning center and its staff will continue to provide instruction to children in grades K through

Yes, Fundraising Is a Team Sport

Fundraisers and elite military SEALS have much in common. Both are highly dependent on synchronization with others on their teams. In the military, teamwork is essential, as the life of one soldier is dependent on the actions of others in his/her unit. On a much lesser scale of danger, seasoned fundraisers know that individual

Tax Tips for Real Estate Professionals

There are plenty of things that we Americans love. We love food, cars, football, reality TV, central air conditioning and not using the metric system. But this all pales in comparison to our love of houses.

We have a real addiction problem when it comes to houses. Do you or a loved one spend

Career Spotlight on Pharmacy

What do pharmacists do?

The role of the pharmacist has evolved over the past few decades. Historically, the pharmacist’s primary focus was compounding and formulating different medications, and the dispensing of medications based on physician orders. The pharmacist delivered

Employees Want Their Pensions Back

In addition to a guaranteed monthly retirement benefit from your employer, would you also like investment opportunities, funding control and flexible distribution options? This was the question put to workers 30 years ago, in the form of the 401(k), and most of them eagerly said “Yes!”

Olim Advisors Is There Every Step of the Way

Many people, upon returning to the States from a trip to Israel, find themselves dreaming of the day when they will make aliyah. Oftentimes, several weeks later, reality sets in. Of course there are those who follow through on this dream but, for many, it is merely a pipedream. The question is why.


Bespoke Spa Is Truly a Level Above the Rest

From the moment you walk into Bespoke Spa, you feel welcomed and embraced. The air smells clean and fresh, like shaving cream and soap. The tall framed mirrors and the clean hardwood floors create an atmosphere that most other barber shops wish they could emulate. Now in its fourth year on Queen Anne Road, Bespoke Spa has

What’s the Real Price of Retirement?

When you are buying a car, there is a sticker price on the windshield, and there is the “real” price, the one that includes the other costs that come with the transaction. That’s why a $15,000 sticker price ends up at $16,500 once you add sales tax, title, license and transfer fees.


Branding: Time for Nonprofits to Learn From President Trump

This is not a politically driven column and this month is no exception. However, as a fundraiser, I have been confronted over the years with nonprofits that conveyed a multiplicity of branding messages to donors and I fear this hindered whether a donor chose one charity over another. So, the purpose here is to cut through the smoke and mirrors.


Palisade Furniture: A Century of Design & Service in Englewood

In an era of big-box stores and internet sales, Mike Kaplan is keeping his century-old family furniture business current and thriving. Palisade Furniture in Englewood was started by his great-grandfather in 1919. Mike took over in 2001, when his father became ill and he himself was concurrently downsized

An ‘Adults Only’ Financial Strategy

Most financial advice reflects a cautious, balanced perspective. You’ll hear statements like: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Borrow, but don’t take on too much debt. Take risks, but have some guarantees as well. Think long-term. And short-term, too.

You get the idea. So,

Tax Tips for Summer Jobs

It’s been said that children are the most expensive free things you’ll ever have. Truer words have never been spoken.

In fact, the US Department of Agriculture came out with a study concluding that each child adds on average $14,970 in annual expenses to their parents, and costs over