Thursday, December 12, 2019

Welcoming. Family-friendly. Inspiring tefilla. Amazing drashos and shiurim. This is the rejuvenated Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton led by Rabbi Yaakov and Rebbetzin Dr. Ruth Glasser. The shul will pay tribute to the rabbi and rebbetzin at its annual dinner on Sunday, June 19, at 6:30 p.m. in its brand-new building at 200 Brook Avenue in Passaic. The dinner honors their years of dedicated service to the shul and community.

The dinner promises to be a unique time to recognize the progress that the synagogue has made during the Glassers’ 11 years of leadership, to celebrate its past and embrace its bright future. The Glassers inherited an already established shul and transformed it into a stronger, more vibrant, sustainable fixture of the broader Passaic-Clifton community. The shul has seen a 400 percent increase in membership due to the undying commitment and dedication of the rabbi and rebbetzin to the Young Israel and the broader Jewish community.

“The rabbi and rebbetzin continue to guide our kehilla throughout the vicissitudes of life and inspire us all to greater heights,” said Dr. Scott Goldberg, who has been president throughout the Glassers’ tenure. “We all marvel at Rabbi Glasser’s ability to articulate just the right message, at just the right time, with some humor mixed in, too.”

Rabbi Glasser’s Shabbos HaGadol and Shabbos Shuvah drashos attract hundreds from around town, inspiring and uplifting not only a kehilla but an entire community. His unique oratorical gifts, coupled with an unparalleled mastery of Torah, make Rabbi Glasser’s shiurim and divrei Torah a highlight of the Young Israel experience. Beyond the rabbi’s Torah, he has a remarkable capacity to connect with each and every man, woman, teen and child in a personable and understanding way. No doubt, this is why so many turn to him for hadracha and sage wisdom in all aspects of life.

Rebbetzin Dr. Glasser provides her own leadership through action, hosting events, teaching and providing guidance in personal and communal matters, in addition to partnering with and supporting the rabbi in all that he does. Together, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Dr. Glasser have led the Young Israel with vision, compassion and personality. They have been key in the Young Israel’s building, allowing the shul to host programs based on its foundational values of Torah, tefilla, being a welcoming community, respecting diversity and focusing on the entire family.

The Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton honors the accomplishments of this amazing couple, Rabbi Yaakov and Rebbetzin Dr. Ruth Glasser, for all they do for the shul, the Passaic-Clifton neighborhood and the entire Jewish world. More information about this special event can be found at www.yipc.org/dinner.

By Yehuda Goldberg