Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Teaneck keylim mikvah

Teaneck—One of the activities people do to prepare for Pesach is an often overlooked task: toveling any new dishes in the keylim mikvah. While the specifics of what different people feel must be immersed may vary between communities, the fact remains that for many keylim mikvaot, this is one of the most utilized times of year.

For this reason, the Teaneck Mikvah has designated March, the month before Pesach, as a month to raise awareness of the needs of the keylim mikvah. “This clean and efficient mikvah is available six days a week for use, and we don’t think about the resources needed to keep it operational, clean and available,” stated Nomi Rotblat, mikvah president, in a recent letter sent out to the community. “We are asking every family to support the keylim mikvah in any way possible.” While the official request is a donation of $36, any amount is, of course, appreciated. “Every family in Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford benefits from the keylim mikvah, and we are hoping for 100 percent participation.”

Anyone driving past the mikvah building on Windsor Road will see more than just cars parked in the lot. “It is common to see trucks from the various food establishments, restaurants or caterers parked outside, using the mikvah for their needs as well,” said Yael Davidovics, mikvah administrator. Many of the proprietors of these food establishments support the keylim mikvah as well and recognize its importance in the community.

With its high rate of use, wear and tear takes a toll and the mikvah board and staff do everything within their power to keep the mikvah as clean and available as the community has come to anticipate. The letter further explained that the funds collected during this month will go directly to the daily operational expenses of the keylim mikvah including insurance costs, supplies and equipment.

Davidovics shared the fact that just like any other high-use facility, the keylim mikvah has to undergo repairs and regular maintenance, which require funds.

With so many people using the keylim mikvah, it is no surprise that messes happen. The Teaneck Mikvah committee has posted a list of mikvah rules to help make the toiveling keylim experience pleasant and efficient for everyone.

If the mikvah is crowded, kindly wait your turn outside. At the same time, when using the mikvah, please share the space and make room for other patrons.

Throw all packaging (boxes, cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.), in the garbage.

Please do not park in the handicapped parking spot.

“We provide everything a person might need when toiveling,” says Alisa Levy, a member of the Teaneck Mikvah Association’s executive board. “We hope that everyone feels a sense of responsibility and pride in helping us maintain the mikvah.” She added, “The keylim mikvah is a community service, and we look forward to everyone’s participation in the campaign on any level.”

The fundraiser supports the operating costs for the entire year, including insurance costs, supplies and equipment. The $36 keylim mikvah pledge, or contributions of any amount, may be made online at teaneckmikvah.com or by mailing a check payable to the “Teaneck Mikvah Association,” earmarked to the keylim mikvah, to 1726 Windsor Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.