Thursday, September 21, 2017

Flowers are blooming, breezes are blowing and spring is in the air. However, many of us are too busy preparing for Pesach to even notice. The shopping, the cleaning and the planning can all be very stressful. Did I mention the shopping?!

Please take a break and come join us for an enjoyable evening at Hedy Needle’s Semi-Annual Teaneck hat event. Beautiful hats and a comfortable, friendly, relaxing, no-pressure atmosphere awaits you on Tuesday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 22, at 600 Maitland Avenue, from 7 to 10 p.m. Come even if you don’t “need” anything. After all, when it comes to hats, what does need have to do with anything? We have a tremendous selection (they take over the entire first floor), we have mirrors, we have opinions and we have fun.


What kinds of hats does Hedy bring?

A: All kinds! Designer brand names you know and love. Brand names you’ll discover. Dress hats in a riot of colors and trims plus neutral classics, plus one-of-a-kind pieces, packable hats, casual styles for everyday, Israeli brands, fascinators, scarves and more. Rainhats too.

Q: How are the prices?

A: All prices are discounted, and cover a (very) wide range. There is literally something for everyone.

Q: I have a simcha, will Hedy be able to help me find that stunning show stopper?

A: But of course! Hedy may bring just the right hat—or she will happily order what you want. Bring along your outfit and Hedy will take good care of you.

Q: I have a large head size.

A: Hedy can and is usually able to order the hat you love in the size and color you want. Special requests are her specialty. You may be able to have your hat before Yom Tov.

Q: Can I call Hedy in advance to make a request?

A: Yes, please call Hedy at 917-640-4649.

Q: I’m not sure I can make it during the hours of 7-10 p.m.

A: Please call Hedy to arrange an evening time earlier or later.

Q: Where is it again?

A: At the home of Nettie Berenholz, 600 Maitland Avenue, between River Road and Jefferson Avenue.

Q: When will Hedy be back in Teaneck?

A: In time for Rosh Hashanah—so please make every effort to come by.