Thursday, September 21, 2017

“What better way to perform one mitzvah than to be involved in another,” suggested Noam Sokolow of Noah’s Ark and Shelly’s. “As you clean for Pesach, consider donating your overflow of unopened, non-refrigerated food and toiletries to the annual food drive and challenge. And don’t forget to drop it off at Noah’s Ark or Shelly’s.”

Elie Katz, of Chopstix, also has been engaged in the Teaneck Helping Hands Food Pantry Annual Pre-Passover Food Collection Challenge for the past 12 years, in fierce competition with arch-rivals Noah’s Ark and Shelly’s. “Just remember to drop off your donations in the convenient receptacles in Chopstix as you have done so generously over the past years. You can also hand our delivery staff your donations when they drop your orders off at your home.”

Last year, the challenge collected over 300 bags of cereal, pancake mix, flour, tuna, ketchup, diapers, toiletries and other useful items.

This year’s contest runs from March 11 through April 7. Please drop off your donations to Chopstix at 172 West Englewood Avenue, Noah’s Ark at 493 Cedar Lane or Shelly’s Dairy Restaurant at 482 Cedar Lane.

Let the best corned beef and pastrami sandwich or the best General Tso’s chicken win!