Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For the past 13 years, “Names, Not Numbers©,” a one-of-a-kind Holocaust-education program, has introduced the tragedy of the Shoah in a most unique and personal way to literally thousands of students attending yeshiva day schools and high schools throughout the New York-New Jersey area and across North America. Last year, the program was offered for the first time at a yeshiva in Israel and to college students at Yeshiva University.

The brainchild of Mrs. Tova Rosenberg, an experienced educator who currently works at the Yeshiva University High Schools (MTA, the boys’ school in Manhattan, and Central, the girls’ school in Queens), “Names, Not Numbers©” is an oral history film project in which students learn about the Holocaust and are then trained in the art of interviewing Holocaust survivors, filming their interviews and ultimately producing their own documentary movie.

Over the past few years, the “Names, Not Numbers©” organization has organized several trips for high school students to Poland, where the participants have been able to see for themselves many of the places about which they learned in their course, as well as to become introduced to the realities of Jewish life in Poland today. Students have unanimously described this experience by using descriptive terms like “truly amazing,” “once in a lifetime,” “eye-opening” and “life-changing.”

Now, to celebrate its “bar mitzvah” year, “Names, Not Numbers©” is, for the first time, offering this special opportunity to adults, with a trip scheduled for this coming summer, August 6-15. The itinerary will include two days in Warsaw, two days in Lublin and five days in Krakow, and will feature visits to all the major sites in and around those cities, meetings with Jewish leaders involved in the rebirth of Jewish life in Poland, a Polish Holocaust survivor, a righteous gentile and young Polish activists working to eradicate anti-Semitism today, as well as appropriate shiurim and Torah lectures.

The trip will be led by Mr. and Mrs. Dov and Tova Rosenberg of ”Names, Not Numbers©” and by Rabbi Michael Taubes, rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva University, and Mrs. Bassie Taubes. The all-inclusive cost is $2,500; all meals are glatt kosher.

For information, please contact Mr. Dov Rosenberg at 646-522-2689 or [email protected]