Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Twice a year, before Rosh Hashanah and Pesach, Hedy Needle brings her hats to Teaneck. What’s so special about her hats? Why do women “in the know” make their way to 600 Maitland Avenue to buy a hat from Hedy?

It could be the tremendous selection, the great prices (if Louise Green only knew) or the famous and not-so-famous brands she brings. Maybe it’s the “no pressure,” fun atmosphere, with something for almost every budget. Whatever the reason, women come in droves to buy their pre-Yom Tov hats.

Some women stay almost the entire evening, giving opinions and getting them. The hats end up all over the first floor; the selection is enormous and the camaraderie is amazing.

Hedy sells hats in all the new fall colors: burgundy, plum, green, rust, grays and browns, with some soft pastels, too. Of course there are always the classics: black and winter white. Dressy hats, casual hats, transitional hats (going to Israel anyone?) in silks and soft fabrics, fascinators, headbands and more...more? Yes: warm caps, rainhats, travel hats that work all year round, headbands and berets.

Orders are welcome. If you have a large—or small—head size, or need a special outfit for a simcha, Hedy will be happy to order something for you and ship it to your home..

Hedy has a brick and mortar store in Brooklyn, so if you are not willing or able to make the trip (the tolls!), she will graciously bring the store to you. Not the entire store, but plenty of hats. You get the idea.

So if you’re seeking a famous name brand, a one-of-a-kind find or a classic budget-friendly but eye-catching hat for shul, please come to 600 Maitland Avenue, between River Road and Jefferson Avenue, in Teaneck on Wednesday, September 13, from 7-10 p.m.

Please call Hedy for any special requests—from an earlier or later time to come by to specific hat colors and more. She can be reached at 917-640-4649.

See you Wednesday! Look for the house with the two benches on the porch, a few houses off Jefferson.