Thursday, August 16, 2018

(Courtesy of Nahal Haredi) Supporters of Nahal Haredi/Netzach Yehuda, the battalion of the IDF which proudly boasts 10,000 veterans, is planning two upcoming New Jersey events.

The first event will be a Passaic shabbaton held on Shabbat Lech Lecha, October 28. Three shuls in the community will come together to host a variety of opportunities to learn about and support Nahal Haredi.

The Shabbat will include a kiddush at Adas Israel sponsored by Laura and Kenny Rosen, parents of Sergeant Shlomo Rosen, and conclude with a parlor meeting in the home of Tamra and Stewart Ackerman, parents of Givati soldier Moshe Isaac.

The Passaic event is being organized by Zisi and Ron Wachsberg, parents of Commander Avichai who recently married in Israel, is continuing his service and will be making aliyah.

The second event for Friends of Nahal Haredi will be hosted on motzei Shabbat, November 4, by Chaya and Yoel Fuld in their home in Teaneck. It will be a melaveh malka/parlor meeting in gratitude for the successful army experience of the Fulds’ son with Nahal Haredi as a chayal boded. Commander Shaya Fuld is living his dream as he recently completed his army service and made aliyah.

Both events will host an incredible Chasidish veteran, Meir Elbom, who claims that he owes his life to Nahal Haredi and is indebted to the IDF.  He is one of 10,000 Nahal Haredi veterans who have served Israel’s land and people since its inception 18 years ago. This past year these fine chayalim won five of the most distinguished honors from the Israeli government.

Please contact Evelyn Weinberger at [email protected] or  917-697-0063 to organize a Nahal Haredi event in your shul or community.