Wednesday, January 23, 2019

(l-r) OU President Moishe Bane, OU Kosher COO Rabbi Moshe Elefant, OU National Vice President Henry Orlinsky and OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack. Rav Asher Weiss is in the center.

(Courtesy of OU) Rav Asher Weiss, posek of the OU, recently spoke at the OU’s offices. Rav Asher Weiss, shlita, is among the most renowned and respected halachic authorities of the current period.

A true Gadol Be-Yisrael, his unique blend of extraordinary Torah knowledge and profound insight brings thousands of disciples to hear his shiurim, which are given weekly all over Israel. Rav Weiss also gives special shiurim to groups of doctors, lawyers and other professionals seeking halachic guidance in their specialist fields.

Rav Weiss is a prolific writer, and has written a hugely popular series of seforim of shiurim arranged according to the weekly portions, a Pesach Haggadah (which has been translated into English), books on the yearly festivals (Halacha and Aggadah—also translated into English), books of chiddushim on different tractates of Shas and most recently a book of Shut (Questions and Answers) that was extremely well received by an unprecedented spectrum of the Torah community.