Wednesday, January 23, 2019

(Courtesy of “I Believe”) A new trending inspirational Holocaust project has just been released to promote a powerful message of hope. It started two years ago with a few notes being played on the piano by Benny Begun, who had a vision to refresh the memory of the Holocaust in a positive light. Begun was inspired by Leibel Zisman z”l, a survivor who shared the story of his survival with the world and made a meaningful impact to all those around him. Begun was determined to continue Zisman’s unparalleled commitment and love towards Judaism. A new project began to form that would soon entail an original composition, a video and a website.

The Jewish people come from a majestic dynasty and embrace a precious legacy that has been passed from generation to generation. The team at Project “I Believe,” therefore, found it necessary to create a website as an appeal for the public to make a resolution. As we face each day in these challenging times, we must strive to be positive and hopeful through our actions and not just words. It is our good deeds that will allow us to continue the chain of our legacy, unbroken.

Project “I Believe” is aimed to educate humanity about the history and unwavering determination of the Jewish people. Moreover, this project was created to instill hope in an uncertain world. Zisman represented a message that pertains to each and every one of us, that the Jewish people will never fall and continue to be a light among the nations. Join our voice of a united people that will not rest until the flame of every Jew is ignited, banishing darkness forever. One small flame dispels much darkness. Learn more and make your resolution today at ProjectIBelieve.org.