Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Kaminetsky, Rabbi Daniel Price and Glenn Pfeiffer.

Glenn Pfeiffer, Rabbi Daniel Price and Yossi and Amira Kra.

Gabriella Spinowitz, Shira Isenberg, Jeremy Rauch, Avraham Simcha Adler and Jennifer Wiederkehr.

(Courtesy of RYNJ) On Monday, January 15, over 600 parents, family, faculty and friends gathered together at Keter Torah for the 80th Annual RYNJ Dinner to pay tribute to two pillars of the RYNJ family, Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky, beloved middle school associate principal, who was the Guest of Honor, and Amira and Yossi Kra, who received the inaugural RYNJ PTA Leadership Award. The dinner was chaired by Jennifer Wiederkehr and Gabriella Spinowitz and the journal campaign was chaired by Avraham Simcha Adler and Jeremy Rauch. Guests enjoyed a beautiful buffet dinner, a night out with friends and a meaningful and moving program. The evening included an entertaining video, showcasing the students and faculty of the school along with a special alumni video with good wishes from over 150 proud RYNJ alumni who were thrilled to share their appreciation for Rabbi Kaminetsky. Akiva Kra (RYNJ ‘17) led a siyum on behalf of the current middle school students in honor of Rabbi Kaminetsky. For more information or to see pictures and videos from the dinner please visit RYNJ.org.