Lazy Bean’s Purim Pancake-Eating Contest Will Benefit Project Ezrah

A Lazy Bean pancake platter. Whoever finishes the stack first will win the Lazy Bean Purim Pancake-Eating contest. (Credit: Courtesy of Dani Secemski)

Time to break the rules on eating mindfully. This year, finishing a stack of pancakes as quickly as possible in the Lazy Bean Purim Pancake-Eating Contest will snag the winner—and a friend—$50 Lazy Bean gift cards. Dani Secemski, head of operations for Lazy Bean and Glatt Express, said the contest will benefit Project Ezrah, an organization that helps families with job placement, training, counseling and emergency financial resources.

The contest will begin at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 1, Purim day. Participants purchase a stack of six pancakes, chocolate chip or plain, for $9.99. Half of the proceeds will go to Project Ezrah. The winner will be the person who finishes his stack the fastest. And if there’s a tie? Round two with another stack of pancakes! There’s one contest for everyone, at all ages.

“I’ve seen 50-year-olds not be able to finish and 5-year-olds leave a clean plate,” Secemski said.

To register for the contest, email and include your name, age and phone number. Want to help Project Ezrah but speed eating isn’t your forte? Secemski will donate half of each pancake sale to Project Ezrah all day on Purim.

Secemski said he’s gotten to know Project Ezrah from Glatt Express customers who have been helped by the organization; Project Ezrah literally helped them put food on the table. “I’ve seen the great work Project Ezrah does for the community firsthand,” he said, “and I’ve been trying to come up with the right idea to help. Lazy Bean recently added pancakes to the menu, and I thought a pancake-eating contest would be a great fundraiser.”

Project Ezrah Executive Director Robert Hoenig agreed. “This Glatt Express/Lazy Bean initiative is one example of the community coming forward to share in our mission. Dani Secemski has been extremely supportive and generous in assisting our clients. Combining tzedakah with some Purim fun reflects this commitment,” he said.

Glatt Express, 1400 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, is a full-service kosher market under RCBC supervision with top-quality meats, poultry and fish; fresh fruits and vegetables; gourmet prepared ready-to-eat foods; sushi and a large selection of groceries and Israeli foods. Lazy Bean Cafe is a relaxing milchig coffeehouse attached to Glatt Express with hot and cold specialty coffee drinks, fresh pastries, salads, sandwiches and soups.

Pancakes are not the only new addition to the Lazy Bean menu. Lazy Bean has introduced omelets served with Israeli salad and bread, and eggs and cheese on a bagel or in a wrap. Customizable sandwiches are coming. So are more daily soup choices with the option to be served in a bread bowl. Glatt Express is also expanding its prepared foods menu. A new chef has joined the team who is creating innovative, upscale gourmet dishes with a focus on healthy ingredients. Glatt Express has just added online shopping (; pick up at the store or have your order delivered.

For more information about the Purim Pancake-Eating Contest to benefit Project Ezrah, or to find out how Lazy Bean can partner with your organization for a fundraising event, email Dani
Secemski at

 By Bracha Schwartz