Saturday, February 29, 2020

Rabbi Michoel Goldin, the youth director at Chabad of Teaneck, has created a new project he has named “The Young Jewish Professionals of Teaneck” to address a need in the community for targeted programming for this in-between age group.

Rabbi Goldin told The Jewish Link that oftentimes, young adults and professionals ranging from the ages of 22 to 33 come back home after their experiences at colleges and universities to transition to work experiences while living with their families. “Although some people have the opportunity and are fortunate enough to move to the Upper West Side or Chelsea [neighborhoods] in New York City, there is a large population of young professional-aged… Jewish adults who are having difficulty finding their place in this community,” he said.

Rabbi Golden acknowledges that the community does not have many institutions in place that men and women of this age demographic can use as an outlet to meet their peers. For this reason, the Young Jewish Professionals of Teaneck was born.

“Our goal,” Rabbi Goldin said, “is to create a place where these young Jewish professionals can feel at home, a sense of belonging and a legitimate Jewish experience.” Rabbi Goldin hopes to help them “continue their growth in Judaism and eventually to find the right person to get married to and settle down.”

The organization provides weekly opportunities for young adults to get together on a consistent basis by means of Thursday night Torah classes given at the Chabad House in Teaneck. This shiur taking place from 8 to 9 p.m. specifically attempts to move through the entirety of the Tanach with translation and in-depth commentary included. Additionally, Rabbi Goldin hosts monthly Shabbatonim at his home on River Road in Teaneck, which has ample room for 40 individuals to sleep. While men and women alike are welcome to come for Shabbat activities, men and women stay over on separate weekends.

The group of young Jewish professionals has already taken part in several community service activities in addition to the multitude of events that take place throughout the year. Boasting annual Chanukah and Purim parties, Rabbi Goldin works to spice up these events in age-appropriate ways, often including full-access lounges or cocktail bars. Most recently, the Young Jewish Professionals of Teaneck, with support from Rabbi Goldin and Rabbi Simon (Chabad of Teaneck), took a trip to the Ohel in Queens, to visit the Rebbe’s grave.

Some events to look out for are the annual black tie event, which is held at a fine dining establishment as well as a new Sunday morning shiur that will take place in the Chabad House (located at 513 Kenwood Pl., Teaneck), time to be announced.

Visit Chabadhouse.com to learn more or contact Rabbi Goldin at 201-546-6049 or email [email protected]

By Maxwell Milstein

Maxwell Milstein is a student at Baruch College and a summer intern at The Jewish Link of New Jersey.