Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Elie Tanous Salon in The Shops at Riverside. (Credit: Elie Tanous)

Elie Tanous and his staff. (Credit: Elie Tanous)

Elie Tanous makes sure to acknowledge his customers and make his salon a place where everyone can feel comfortable.

It seems like longer, but it was only a year ago that Elie Tanous opened his doors to the North Jersey community with his salon at The Shops at Riverside. Since then, Tanous and his salon have become a regular part of the beauty scene. “I started with a staff of two, and now I am up to 17 people. I cannot be more grateful for where this year has taken us,” he said. The salon now offers an extensive list of beauty services that include skin care, eyelash extensions, hair styling, sheitel styling, eyebrow services, all types of waxing, wedding services and even a private VIP room when necessary.

This past Friday, the Elie Tanous Salon held an anniversary celebration welcoming current clients, prospective clients, or anyone just looking for a friendly, warm environment to stop by and see what they are about. “I have worked in the beauty industry for 11 years and my goal for this salon was to make it a happy place where everyone is treated equally and feels comfortable,” he said.

Tanous wants the environment to be a serene, warm experience where customers can have a sip of coffee, or even a sip of wine and a bite to eat, before their beauty experience. He ensures that the coffee and refreshments are all kosher, and the wine is not only kosher but mevushal as well. “I cannot look back at where I am now without sending my thanks to the area’s Jewish community,” he said. “Their support and loyalty is the reason why I have been successful this past year and why I continue to grow and expand.”

Tanous also wanted the anniversary celebration to be another opportunity to get to know his customers. He makes an effort to meet the guests who come to his salon, to learn their names and their needs. “I want my salon to be everyone’s happy place,” he said. “A place where they can receive the services they are here for in an environment they love, almost a second home.”

Tanous added another heartfelt thanks. “Thank you, again, to the community for trusting in me and my incredible staff over the past year. We look forward to working with you as we continue to serve the beauty needs of our clients.”

Elie Tanous Salon is a full-service salon located in The Shops at Riverside, (201) 489-7300. Follow them on Instagram at @ElieTanousSalon, or on Facebook.

By Jenny Gans