Monday, August 19, 2019

Sophie’s family and friends packing at Yad Leah for her bat mitzvah.

(Courtesy of Yad Leah) Sophie Schall, a 12-year- old from Livingston, likes to bake, cook and sew. She also has a passion for fashion. After a successful shopping trip, she looks forward to trying on that new outfit for the first time. It feels great and fills her with happiness and confidence.

However, Sophie is also a sensitive soul who not only has a passion for fashion but a passion for helping. Together with her parents, Sophie has decided to introduce Yad Leah to her hometown of Livingston. Yad Leah is an organization that helps children and families get that same great confident feeling that Sophie experiences when she buys a new outfit. By collecting clothing in the U.S. and distributing the clothing to needy families in Israel, Yad Leah assists thousands of struggling families throughout the country.

In preparation for her bat mitzvah, Sophie has initiated a clothing drive in Livingston, is currently raising funds to send clothing to thousands of families and participated in a hands-on Yad Leah Pack-for-Israel mitzvah project this past Sunday. Working alongside parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends, Sophie sorted and prepared over 700 beautiful items of clothing for men, women and children. Her message of love and support packed in each box will impact hundreds of families, giving them the gift of dignity and confidence.

To inquire about creating your own Pack-for-Israel event, please contact [email protected] or call the Yad Leah office at 973-955-0861.