Monday, August 19, 2019

(Courtesy of BPY) Ben Porat Yosef (BPY) was founded by a group of dreamers committed to creating a warm, innovative, one-of-a-kind Orthodox yeshiva day school community in Bergen County. BPY’s founders envisioned a school that would inspire, challenge and engage each learner, empower and connect students through Hebrew language fluency, celebrate our diverse Sephardic and Ashkenazic heritages and develop ahavat Hashem and yirat Hashem through a love of Torah and mitzvot. Now celebrating its 18th year with a student body of nearly 500, BPY has remained steadfast in its commitment to its founding vision and mission. BPY’s rich history lays the foundation for a vibrant present and bright future.

BPY opened its doors in 2001 with 27 toddler and nursery students in the basement of Congregation Sons of Israel in Leonia, where it quickly outgrew the space and added modular classrooms to accommodate the growth. Now bursting at the seams in the seven acre, 74,000 square foot former Frisch building in Paramus, BPY continues to grow and thrive. With students hailing from 10 communities, BPY boasts a 12 year Hebrew immersion program with the largest number of Israeli shlichim in North America, an average teacher student ratio of 1:6, a full array of enrichment and support services, robust STEM programming, cutting edge technology, an exciting mix of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, stellar staff who act as incredible role models for their students, an engaged and involved parent body, and alumni thriving in yeshiva high schools, Israeli yeshivot and seminaries, colleges, and the IDF.

Jessica Kohn, founding educator, early childhood director and associate principal, is amazed at all that BPY has achieved in the past 18 years. “Our dream was to create a school where every child is loved, nurtured, and valued as a unique individual. Seeing that dream become a reality in the warm community of BPY is an incredible accomplishment. The skills and confidence students gain at BPY set them up for success in everything they do. BPY students approach learning with curiosity and are encouraged to ask questions, synthesize ideas, make connections and reach higher levels of understanding.”

The high level of academics in Limudei Chol and Limudei Kodesh, commitment to full Hebrew immersion and celebration of the diversity of both Sephardic and Ashkenazic customs and traditions set the stage for an unparalleled, creative educational experience. Rabbi Saul Zucker, head of school, remarked about his staff, “BPY’s team of teachers are more than just professionals who are excellent in their profession. They are truly on a mission. They guide and nurture their students and form relationships which spark interest and develop a sense of passion for lifelong learning. BPY is proud to lead the way for our own students, as well as act as a beacon for other schools to see the model of education and warmth that we provide.”

Ilana Tachauer of Englewood, a teacher at BPY since 2006, said, “Being a part of the BPY family has been an amazing part of my life, both as a teacher and as a parent. The children here thrive in ways that I never thought possible. The school is really like a family and the students emerge with beautiful middot and a strong sense of pride in their Jewish identity.”

Director of Operations Stacy Goldstein began working at BPY just one month after it opened its doors. Now her three children are BPY students. She marvels at their remarkable kavana in tefillah because of their incredible Ivrit skills, and their connection to Hashem and being part of something greater. She is amazed that her second and fifth grade children are fluent in Hebrew, “a skill I never had.” Goldstein loves how her children are always wondering, questioning and experimenting, which she attributes to the stellar science program at BPY.

President Daniel Cohen shared, “As a lay leader and parent of a current student and a thriving BPY graduate, I am thankful to the visionaries that brought our school into being and gave me BPY as a choice for my family. I am proud to be helping navigate BPY through its teen years, growing and innovating as we stay true to our founders’ original vision.”

“There’s something very special about being part of a smaller school in the midst of a huge community. Nobody is anonymous at BPY, and every single child, parent and teacher matters,” said BPY parent Carly Teichman of Teaneck.

As BPY celebrates its milestone 18 year anniversary, it is forever grateful to the visionary founders and devoted volunteers, past and present, who helped make the dream of BPY the thriving school that it is today. Their wisdom, foresight, leadership and ability to dream big has made a huge impact on the landscape of Jewish education in Bergen County and the United States.

To arrange a visit or to apply for admission, please contact Sharona Grossberg, director of admissions at 201-845-5007 x 16 or [email protected]

Celebrate with BPY at its 18th anniversary annual dinner on Saturday night, February 23, at Montammy Country Club in Alpine. Join the school as it pays tribute to its honorees: Jessica Kohn, Liz and Alan Mitrani, Cheryl Weiner Rosenberg and Ilana Tachauer. For information or to make a reservation or donation, visit www.bpydinner.org  or contact Gabrielle Altman at [email protected] or  201-845-5007 x35.