Monday, May 20, 2019

Aid L’Shalom provides a calm and discreet environment for the administration of cancer treatments.


Devorie Neuman, one of Aid L’Shalom’s founders.

On Saturday evening, March 23, at 9 p.m., MODI, one of New York’s finest comedians, will be performing at Congregation Ahavat Torah in Englewood. The event is hosted by the organization Aid L’Shalom, a unique group that aims to bring alternative and supplemental assistance to those undergoing cancer treatment. Their mission is to help cancer patients live longer and fuller lives with optimism and dignity, by providing treatments of Vitamin C infusions, reflexology, acupuncture and special diets, all with the intent to minimize the painful side effects of cancer and chemotherapy and to strengthen the body during the most fragile of times.

Aid L’Shalom was founded in memory of Shilom and Frimi Neuman, by their children and Shilom’s second wife, Devorie Neuman. Devorie lost Shilom, as well as her first husband, to cancer, and witnessed the amazing miracles of alternative therapies in enhancing the quality of Shilom’s final months of life. Said Devorie, “Shilom was told he had three weeks to three months to live, yet he lived for 19 months after his diagnosis. He left no stone unturned in his courageous fight, and the alternative treatments he sought allowed him to live in comfort and dignity, at home with his family, until the very end.”

When Shilom realized the beneficial effects of his vitamin C infusions, and that it wasn’t covered by insurance, he generously offered to pay for all of the other patients’ infusions, and instructed his family to spread the health benefits of this treatment and to continue paying for others after his passing. Thus, Aid L’Shalom was born.

Devorie joined forces with Gitty Klein of Monsey, an energetic and spiritual woman who has the unique ability to make anyone around her feel as if he or she is the most gifted person in the world. Gitty has a certificate in macrobiotic, natural, and organic cooking, and uses her skills to personally cook and deliver food to many patients in Aid L’Shalom’s care. She is a life coach in healthy living and works tirelessly to provide funding and access for fully integrated cancer treatment protocols under the administration of top oncologists.

Devorie herself is a powerhouse of a woman. When she has a goal in mind, she doesn’t stop until it’s accomplished. She is driven and motivated, and she has spearheaded many events and initiatives to enable the continued growth and success of Aid L’Shalom. This event is intended to sweep across Bergen County and the surrounding areas, bringing publicity and awareness to the mission of all those involved.

The evening of comedy promises to be unforgettable, with a delicious cheese tasting and dairy dinner prepared by Zami caterers and an exclusive wine sampling by Herzog Winery. VIP seats are available, and reservations can be made via the website, www.aidlshalom.com

By Sarah Abenaim