Monday, May 20, 2019

Rav Elyada Goldwicht, founder of SCP, addressing the participants and their families.

Michael Plaut shaking the hand of Rav Hershel Schachter, seated next to the Chief Rabbi of Israel Ha’Rav Shlomo Amar.

Semichat Chaver Program participants with their certificates.

(Courtesy of SCP) This past Sunday, SCP participants and their families joined together to celebrate their accomplishments in Torah learning. The siyum was attended by two of the three Torah luminaries who sign the Semichas Chaver certificate, Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Schachter and Chief Rabbi HaRav Shlomo Amar.

SCP is the fastest-growing chabura in the world and in the coming week will have launched in over 20 locations worldwide including Manhattan, West Hempstead, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Boca Raton, Silver Spring, Springfield, two locations in the Five Towns, five locations in Yerushalayim, three locations in Beit Shemesh, two in Petach Tikvah and in Rechovot. The program is under the auspices of the Orthodox Union (OU) and sponsored by the Strauss family in memory of Hachaver Shlomo Michael ben R’ Meir Strauss.

For more information and to register please email [email protected].