Sunday, January 26, 2020

(Courtesy of RYNJ) In a moving ceremony, RYNJ dedicated the Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky, z”tl, Middle School Boys Concourse in memory of and as a tribute to a great force in the chinuch of many. Rabbi Daniel Price (RYNJ head of school), Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky (Rabbi K.’s, z”tl, son) and Rabbi Bernstein (RYNJ Middle School boys principal) offered words of comfort, inspiration and divrei Torah. Current eighth-grade student Benny Cohen made a siyum on mishnayot representing all the middle school students who learned as a zechut for Rabbi K., z”tl. We were honored to host all of the Kaminetsky children and their families. It was very special and moving to have Mrs. Sury Kaminetsky deliver an impromptu thank you. A beautiful picture mural was unveiled in Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky, z”tl, Middle School Boys Concourse that displays pictures of Rabbi Kaminetsky, z”tl, smiling with students, dancing and davening. The wall is inscribed with the following:

“Over the course of 16 years, Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky, z”tl, a giant of a man, walked these hallways with a smiling and warm countenance as he greeted and spoke with everyone he passed. Rabbi Kaminetsky guided and mentored countless talmidim, helping them develop exceptional middot, a deep understanding of and appreciation for Torah, and a love for Hashem and for His People. In his calm, warm tone, Rabbi Kaminetsky inquired not only how the students were performing in school but made it clear that his greater concern was the general well-being of each student. The exceptional effort that he made to attend every simcha was always appreciated, as his presence created a warmth and happiness like no other. The lasting relationships that Rabbi Kaminetsky forged with his students extended through the generations. When a student would return to RYNJ as a parent or a teacher or meet him at a simcha, Rabbi Kaminetsky’s glowing face would speak the adage that defined him to the core, ‘For his students are likened to his sons.’

The concourse sits at the center of our boys’ middle school. As our students pass through it each day we know they will be reminded that Rabbi Kaminetsky always saw the best in them and wanted the best for them. They, in turn, will strive to be their best and make him proud.