Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Reading Connections

Growing up, I read the book, All of a Kind Family, and the following sequels by Sydney Taylor countless times. Without a doubt it was my favorite series, and I connected in a profound way to the story of a Jewish family with five daughters at the turn of the century on the Lower East Side of New York. Even though the setting was different, I was the

Understanding School Hiring Season

It may seem obvious, but it bears stating that the most important factor in a school’s quality is its staff, especially its faculty and leaders. It also bears mentioning that of the approximately 900 Jewish Day Schools in the U.S., almost every single one hires someone new to its staff each year, ranging from support personnel to school leaders. Schools hire

Jazz Up the Morning Joe

I am a lover of coffee. But it’s not just the coffee that I drink every morning—it’s what I put in it. I am also a lover of flavored creamers. But they can get costly, so I started to make my own. Here are some tips on how you too, can make your own. Make sure you store them in glass containers to ensure freshness. They make great gifts as well. If you

Progressive Development: The Key to Realizing Your Potential

In the last issue of the Jewish Link I presented eight ideas to enhance your exercise experience, adding fun and inspiration to what, for many people, can feel like a chore at best, to something that should be avoided at all costs, at worst. In fact, viewing exercise negatively at all is, I would argue, tantamount to disdaining one of Hashem’s

The Gomez Mill House: An American Jewish Treasure

Marlboro, NY—Come this spring, there’s a place to visit just a ways up Rte. 9 W, a straight drive up the Palisades Parkway and beyond. There is a brick and stone blockhouse at the side of an old Indian footpath along Jew’s Creek—a shimmering, skittering stream that powers the hand-made paper mill that sits over it. The path leads to the Devil’s

A Different Way to Lean In Lihi Lapid and A Woman of Valor

Part One

Jewish women are not shy about giving advice. In the 2013 U.S. bestseller, Lean In, Jewish author Sheryl Sandberg tells women they are in charge of their own destinies in the workplace. The only thing holding them back is themselves. She advises young women to put in more time, work harder, and be more committed to their professional

Eishet Chayil

Listening to Lihi Lapin discuss her book in a room filled with established women who devote their lives to the betterment of Jewish establishments in both the U.S. and Israel was inspiring. But watching the wife of Finance Minister Yair Lapid, successful in her own right, candidly depicting her struggles and the plight of the modern woman, moved me beyond

Snow and Hakoras Hatov

As former snowbirds we are accustomed to the snow. It made us laugh just a few months after we moved here and we watched our elderly neighbor (rumor has it she is 92) shoveling the two flakes of snow that had fallen on her driveway. We laughed because two hours later the temperature rose to 50 degrees and everything melted immediately.

Montreal is a

Local Preps for Marathon

When Saul Lejtman decided to run in the Jerusalem Marathon, getting a chance to raise money for Chai Lifeline while visiting his daughter in Israel seemed like a good idea. Since then, he’s raised over $7,000, more than $2,000 over the fundraising minimum for Team Lifeline.

Dr. Lejtman, a dentist in Tenafly, merely mused about running a marathon at

Teaneck’s Baby Gemach

Teaneck—Did you know that diapers and regular formula for one child costs as much as $280 a month? If you need specialty formula, costs can skyrocket to $32 and beyond for each container.

Now imagine you have twins or triplets and they are on specialty formula, and a family member has lost his job or is facing a medical condition with mounting

Horses, Therapy and You

Mahwah—The power to physically help and relax those with profound physical disabilities is something that not many people have, but horses certainly do. Many studies have shown that therapeutic horseback riding and other interactive equine-assisted activities have the power to do just that.

Nancy Neff, who moved to Teaneck from New Rochelle, NY,

The Survivor Mitzvah Project: How It All Began....

I leave the sound-stage in a limousine headed for LAX. I am on hiatus, a break from directing sitcoms. I fly to Eastern Europe. My crew flies to Maui. They ride the waves in the Pacific. I ride a horse-drawn hay-cart in Belarus, searching for villages where, a century ago, my grandparents were born.

The Belorussian driver speaks no English. I speak no Russian.