Sunday, March 18, 2018


Heimish, Spontaneous Folksbiene Gala Earns Raves

The vibrant, ever youthful Bryna Wasserman, Executive Director of The National Yiddish Theater-Folksbiene greeted a sold out house at the NYU Skirball Center in Manhattan for the theater’s annual Gala. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Where some institutions with as rich a history might offer a review of accomplishments past, the Folksbiene is on a rocket

The Real Value Of Borrowed Money

Many of us have a natural inclination to be debt-free. We put down as much money as we can when buying our homes and then we work to pay off the mortgage. Like our parents’ generation, we take comfort in seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, where we burn our mortgages and the monthly payment no longer hangs over our heads. But times have changed and

Media Kids Marlins Top Approved Funding Blue Jays to Advance to Championship Game

The Blue Jays, got the game off to a solid start with a barrage of hits by Miriam Rubin, Atara Neiss, Sarena Weiderkehr and Amira Isenberg, putting them up 1-0.

In the bottom of the first, the bats of: Chaya Ross, Sarah Yager, Talya and Ilana Markowitz, Shoshana Distenfeld, and Tovah Wieskopf, were able to put the Marlins on top, and the never looked back. The

Gotham Burger D-backs Take Bite Out of 8th Day Caterers Royals

The Royals jumped out front to a 2-0 lead early, powered by a home run by Devin Berman and some big hits by Aviel Yomtobian and Ben Greenbaum. The Diamondbacks rallied to tie the game in the fourth on a bases loaded single by Avi Eisenstadter. Gotham Burger then pulled ahead with a double by Noam Mandelbaum, taking a 4-2 lead.

Down by 2 runs, 8th Day answered

The New Crew - Ever Evolving and Storied Bnai Yeshurun League Team

The New Crew has seen quite the evolution over the years.  The team was founded as the Lancers, over thirty years ago by long time Bnai Yeshurun members Itzy Weinberger and Mike Roth. The name was changed to Pru Crew when Rabbi Pruzansky joined the team, as a gold glove first baseman. Rabbi Pruzansky has not played a game for the team in close to 5 years, so

Camp Shalom: Making Strides in the Jewish Camping Experience

While Jewish day schools provide children with academic growth, religious values, and emotional development, there is something special that the Jewish camp experience offers. A sense of spirituality. Of connection. Of intense relationship building. It’s a place where kids have a chance to connect with nature, to explore their own creativity, to shine on the

Multi-Charity Benefit Concert to be Held On 6/20

Teaneck—On June 20th, a group of very talented young musicians will perform popular songs ranging from Elvis Presley to Mumford and Sons at a benefit concert in Teaneck. This is the third year that Ben Hyman, a guitar instructor located in Bergen County, has organized a concert to raise money for various charities.  The students, selected for their

Siddur Party - Reflections From A Mother

River Edge- Several weeks before my daughter’s Siddur party, some of her friends came over for a play date. They were talking about their upcoming Siddur party, among other things. I could not help but ask the group what they thought of prayer: “Why do you think davening is important or special?” Their responses ranged from,

Lubavitch on Palisades First Graders Now Published Authors

First Grade students at the Lubavitch on the Palisades School gathered at Womrath’s book store in Tenafly for a Publishing Party. Having used the Writer’s Workshop method, each child wrote their own books and had the opportunity to read them aloud to parents and friends at the party. Womrath’s graciously offered a 20% discount on all purchases to each

Children’s Clothing Drive In Our Community!

Teaneck - For the second year in a row, the Teaneck Children’s Clothing Drive is operating. Many people in the community struggle to make ends meet, and shopping for their children is often a hardship. By collecting gently used and new clothing within the community and inviting people to schedule private “shopping hours”, this drive helps many families dress

Strong Starts: Academic and Professional Opps for Young Olim

Getting tension headaches at the thought of financing a degree? Wondering how to use a degree you’ve already earned that doesn’t reflect your actual job skills? More and more students and young professionals are thinking Israel and tasting success. It’s no news that U.S. tuition costs have skyrocketed. According to Forbes.com, the college education

Teaneck’s Barry Cohen and Yosef Kornbluth to participate in YU’s Kressel Scholarship program

Teaneck—Barry Cohen and Yosef Kornbluth of Teaneck have been selected to perform advanced undergraduate level research as part of the Henry Kressel Research Scholarship program. It was established six years ago by Dr. Henry Kressel, chairman of the YU Board of Trustees,  managing director of Warburg Pincus LLC and a Yeshiva College graduate—to offer