Sunday, December 16, 2018


Moriah Parents Volunteer at Yad Leah

Moriah Association of Parents participate in a Chanukah Chesed event sorting and packing clothing for needy Israeli families at the Yad Leah Volunteer Center in Passaic.

Anshei Lubavitch of Fair Lawn Hosts Magical Chanukah Carnival

Anshei Lubavitch of Fair Lawn hosted its annual Magical Chanukah Carnival for the community on Sunday to celebrate the first night of Chanukah. An indoor moon bounce let children jump to their hearts’ content. Families played carnival games, created Chanukah-themed crafts and enjoyed a magical show by Great Scott. The event culminated with a giant menorah

Netivot Shalom’s Famous Herring Festival Returns

(Courtesy of Netivot Shalom) After a three-year hiatus, the popular Teaneck tasting event is back and better than ever!

Treat your palate to a delectable assortment of tasty herring, fine vodkas and select single malt scotch at the 2018 Bergen County Herring Festival hosted by Congregation Netivot Shalom

AMIT Hosts Monte Carlo Night

(Courtesy of AMIT) AMIT’s annual Monte Carlo Night returns to Teaneck this year, where supporters will come together to ante up for AMIT’s 34,000 children in Israel. Recently named the number one  educational network in Israel, AMIT offers children from diverse religious and socioeconomic backgrounds equal access to a

Friendship Circle Holds Chanukah Menorah Building Event at Home Depot

Bnai Yeshurun Chanukah Maccabeat Concert Draws Rave Reviews

(Courtesy of Bnai Yeshurun) Everyone attending Tuesday evening’s Bnot Chanuka Concert Extravaganza had great expectations. But all those expectations were surpassed as an incredible evening unfolded, attended by over 500 people - a treat for all the senses.

As you entered the

Demarest and Tenafly Team Up for Menorah Lighting

(Courtesy of Lubavitch on the Palisades) Jewish families from Demarest and Tenafly joined together in unity and Jewish pride for their town menorah lightings in honor of Chanukah. Words of inspiration, kindling of the lights, jelly doughnuts, hot cocoa, chanukah gelt and more were enjoyed by everyone. Special

Teaneck Expanded Pre-K Grant Elicits Questions on Liaison Hire

In October, the Teaneck public schools were notified that their grant application from the New Jersey Department of Education, for Preschool Education Expansion Aid (PEEA), had been approved, and that over $1.2 million would be awarded to Teaneck to provide additional pre-kindergarten programming to 78 full-day and 24 half-day preschool

The Gig Economy: A Path to Increasing Income

It’s not easy being green, sings Kermit the Frog, a character on the children’s show Sesame Street. Orthodox families are singing a slightly different version. It’s not easy earning green, with day school tuition on top of a mortgage and household expenses. Jeff Mendelson, director of Employment Services at Project Ezrah,

Inspired by Teaneck Donors, Rabbi Yair Hindin Donates Kidney

On Sunday, November 18, his 38th birthday, Rabbi Yair Hindin left the hospital after donating a kidney through Renewal. “My greatest birthday gift ever was hearing the daughter of my recipient tell me that I had given her mother a new life.”

The Hindins recently moved to Teaneck

United Hatzalah Raising Funds in Memory of Bruce Weinrib

(Courtesy of United Hatzalah) Bruce Weinrib epitomized the biblical axiom of “your ways are ways of pleasantness.” In addition to being a role model of devotion to family, loyalty to friends and selflessness for his community, he very much supported the idea of saving lives. After he passed, he was sorely missed, especially by his

Rabbi Hayyim Angel to Spend Shabbat at Young Israel

The Young Israel of Teaneck is pleased to announce that during Shabbat Parshat Vayeishev, November 30 to December 1, noted Tanach expert Rabbi Hayyim Angel will join the shul as a scholar-in-residence as part of the Dr. Bertram J., z”l, and Ann Newman Adult Education Program.

Rabbi Angel will