Monday, February 17, 2020

All are welcome to join Congregation AABJ&D for a scholar-in-residence program this Shabbat, October 28–29, featuring Rabbi Binyamin Zimmerman, senior lecturer at the Zomet Institute. He will speak three times during the course of Shabbat. First, on Friday night at 8:15 p.m., he will discuss “the halachic challenges faced by a Torah-observant community and the parameters for solutions” at a private home. On Shabbat morning after kiddush he will speak about “what Zomet has and will develop: Shabbat elevators, gramophones, Shabbat wheelchairs, disappearing ink, milking machines, etc.” Free babysitting will be provided. Finally, during seudat shlishit, he will discuss “technological advancement from the time of creation—can we improve the world God created?”

A half hour after Shabbat, Rabbi Zimmerman will give a special youth presentation, followed by an NCSY Zomet program at 9 p.m., where pizza will be served.

For more information, please contact Congregation AABJ&D at 973-736-1407.