Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rabbi Sariel Malitzky

Beloved rebbe and world-class mechanech Rabbi Sariel Malitzky is heading to the Jewish Educational Center after a decade of outstanding leadership at TABC.

Bringing a passion for Torah and love of his students, Rabbi Malitzky will join an amazing cadre of rabbeim and teachers in guiding a revitalization of the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy under the leadership of Principal Rabbi Ami Neuman.

“We are thrilled to welcome Rabbi Malitzky to our team,” said Rabbi Neuman. “Rabbi Malitzky is a star who brings a genuine love of Torah to his classroom. Students and parents gravitate towards his magnetic personality and our boys simply cannot wait for his arrival.”

Rabbi Malitzky will be part of RTMA’s senior administrative team, serving as a top rebbe and director of recruitment and student affairs.

In hiring Rabbi Malitzky, RTMA is pursuing excellence through engagement, reflection and growth. Rabbi Malitzky embodies those principles, fostering growth in Torah, advancing academic excellence and developing middos in a fun, caring and nurturing environment.

“I am honored, humbled and incredibly excited by this opportunity,” said Rabbi Malitzky.

“RTMA challenges and helps students and faculty grow spiritually, academically and emotionally,” he said. “I cannot wait to contribute to that environment and learn from it as well.”

Rabbi Malitzky will fit right into the reimagined kodesh program at RTMA, where, under Rabbi Neuman’s leadership, the mesivta recently introduced a beit medrash-style morning seder.

“Each morning, the entire school learns together b’chavrusah,” explained Assistant Principal Rabbi Noach Sauber. “With their rebbeim close by and engaging students, each talmid has the opportunity to take ownership over his learning and grow together with their peers.”

“Rabbi Malitzky’s passion for learning will thrive in this environment,” he said. “His students and the entire yeshiva will benefit.”

Rabbi Malitzky serves as assistant rabbi at Congregation Ohr Torah in Edison and received his semicha from RIETS where he was a member of the prestigious Wexner Semicha Honors Program. In addition, Rabbi Malitzky is the founder of Slapshots, a sports camp that attracts nearly 200 elementary school boys each summer. Slapshots campers learn middot and Torah values while developing their hockey and basketball skills. During the summer, Rabbi Malitzky also spends time visiting students in camps, where he learns, delivers shiurim and mentors them.