Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chanukah in Livingston will be a true celebration this year as Suburban Torah Synagogue hosts Israel’s Kinor David Jazz Ensemble for a four-day whirlwind experience, December 14-17, much of it open to the public. The members of this ensemble, which performs multi-stylistic Jewish music, will meet students at Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School of Livingston, where they will put on a school-wide Chanukah concert. Then, Friday evening, they will participate in a Friday night community-wide Shabbat Chanukah Dinner at Suburban Torah Synagogue.

The Chanukah celebration culminates Saturday night, December 16, when the entire Livingston community, and beyond, is invited to an all out Community-wide Chanukah Concert Extravaganza in Support of Israel, at Suburban Torah Synagogue, 85 W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue. On hand will be Israeli vendors, Israeli food and the traditional Chanukah favorites, latkes and fresh jelly donuts, known as sufganiyot. The Chanukah celebration begins at 7:30 p.m. with a community-wide Chanukah candle lighting and then the party begins!

To reserve tickets for the Friday night Shabbat Chanukah dinner, go to sstcshabbat.org and make your credit card payment. For the Saturday night Chanukah Concert Extravaganza, payment can be made at the door with a suggested donation of $18 per ticket. Proceeds from the concert will benefit One Israel Fund, the leading chesed organization addressing the needs of the communities in Yehudah and Shomron in the areas of security, emergency medicine and communal projects.

Kinor David is the only school in the world that incorporates high-level music education with Torah studies. Started 15 years ago, the school’s founders hoped that it would help create a new generation of musicians proficient in both Torah study and music who would breathe new life into Jewish music and Jewish society. Kinor David seeks out students who show an interest in self-development as individuals, as Jews and as musicians. The school strives to integrate music education with religious and spiritual learning, creating an individual who expresses his Jewish identity through his music.

For any questions, call Karen in the Suburban Torah Synagogue office at 973-994-0122.