Monday, December 17, 2018

On Motzei Shabbos, February 3, the Jewish Educational Center Elmora Avenue Shul will hold its annual dinner at the Union YM-YWHA. This year’s guests of honor are Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Rivky Herman celebrating their 13th, bar mitzvah, year of selfless service to the shul and community.

Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Rivky Herman moved to Elizabeth from Scranton, Pennsylvania, 13 years ago and immediately felt at home at the Elmora Avenue Shul. At the onset of their arrival, the Elizabeth community immediately understood Scranton’s Congregation Beth Shalom’s reluctance to let the Hermans relocate. Rabbi Herman and his family have been contributing their talents to the shul in multiple capacities since they joined.

Rabbi Avrohom Herman, shlita, along with our illustrious Morah D’Asra Rav E.M. Teitz, shlita, is committed to disseminating spiritual growth and the altruistic nature of this unique community. The recent and continuing influx of young families is a testament to Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Rivky Herman’s commitment to the community. Rabbi Herman is always available to community members for all types of concerns and questions. Moreover, the Hermans’ home is frequently bustling with onegs and other community events. Nonetheless, the Hermans and the Elmora Avenue Shul are not insular. Frequently, the achdus and warmth of the shul is propagated throughout the greater Elizabeth/Hillside community, as seen by community-wide events, including daf-yomi, a weekly chaburah, daily and nightly shiurim, scholar-in-residence programs, an open beis midrash, diverse youth group activities on Shabbos and throughout the year and events geared towards families, just to name a few. Most importantly, the achdus within the shul, specifically, and throughout the community, as a whole, translates to abundant support to all current and prospective community members, allowing them to grow in their avodas Hashem with simcha.

More than working for the shul, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Herman love the shul and take special pride in seeing the diverse Elizabeth community, children, adults, families and seniors, benefiting from the multiple services that are available. Amongst their many contributions, the Hermans continue to engage members of all ages with warmth and friendship.

The hakaras hatov allotted to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Herman is best summarized by their community members. “A true gem in Elizabeth,” is how Amanda Abbou describes the Elmora Avenue Shul. Hana Meysarosh explains, “Rabbi and Rebbetzin Herman are one of the main proponents that attracted us when we were looking to relocate. We love the warmth of the shul, the diversity of its congregants and the fact that each member has the opportunity to get involved in the shul in their own meaningful way.”

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with Rabbi Herman on diverse projects for the shul, I can attest to his commitment to our community,” Robert Heizler adds.

The annual dinner is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the talent, commitment and attitudes of a spectacular family that does an extraordinary job of both representing and elevating the rest of us. Dinners are meant to acknowledge what has been done and also to inspire for the future, and the Hermans are a perfect choice for both. More than just an important fundraiser, the JEC Elmora Avenue Shul dinner has always been a fun evening of friendship.

Please join the Elmora Avenue Shul for their annual dinner at 8:00 p.m., Motzei Shabbos, February 3, at Gering Hall at the Union YM-YWHA. To attend the dinner and/or to submit ads, please visit