Monday, August 19, 2019

Rav Yosef Blau

Rav Pinchas Mordechai Teitz

Rav Elazar Mayer Teitz

Next week will, im yirtzeh Hashem, mark the 23rd yahrtzeit of Harav Pinchas Mordechai Teitz, zt”l. Rav Teitz and his rebbetzin are famous for building the flourishing Elizabeth, New Jersey, kehilah as well as the Jewish Educational Center. Yet another great accomplishment of Rav Teitz was the legendary Daf Hashavua shiur that was broadcast weekly every Motzei Shabbos on WEVD radio.

Thirteen years ago, a newer version of Daf Hashavua, also known as Daf A Week (www.dafaweek.org), began with Masechet Brachot and it’s following the seder of Daf Yomi. In that time, it has grown to be a popular supplement or alternative for those who would rather learn at a slower pace, in greater depth and with more chazara, than the Daf Yomi schedule allows. At the same time, participants share a similar feeling of achdut by being part of a worldwide tzibur that has made the Daf Yomi program so effective. Although Daf Hashavua, in its current format, began Masechet Brachot in March of 2005, its foundation rests on the shoulders of the gedolim of our previous generation and no one is more central to its foundation than the original Daf Hashavua, founded by Rav Pinchas Mordechai Teitz, zt”l. It is truly a tribute to Rav Teitz that in the very institution that he founded, this year’s 12th grade at JEC is spending their free time during lunch hour learning in a Daf Hashavua chabura!

On Wednesday, December 12, the 4th of Tevet, at 12 noon, Daf Hashavua, together with the JEC students, will be commemorating the yahrtzeit at the Mesivta (330 Elmora Ave, Elizabeth). They will be honored to hear divrei Torah from Rav Elazar Mayer Teitz, shlita, son of Rav Pinchas Mordechai and JEC’s dean, as well as from Rav Yosef Blau, shlita, mashgiach ruchani at RIETS and Rav Teitz’s son-in-law. Highlights of the important event, including interviews with the Teitz family and Daf Hashavua leadership team, will be broadcast that evening on the program, Talkline with Zev Brenner on WSNR 620 AM as well as online at www.talklinecommunications.com.