Saturday, August 17, 2019

(Courtesy of Mikvah Chana) For generations, Jewish woman have practiced the laws of family purity and participated in the practice of immersing in a “mikvah,” a ritual bath. Today, a newly designed, spa-inspired space is drawing women back to this ancient tradition.

Located at Mikvah Chana in Livingston, “Naomi’s Suite” features a soothing color palette of white, soft blue and gray, new plumbing fixtures, light wood elements and upscale soap and shampoos. The suite was designed by Karen B. Wolf Interiors and has the ambiance and elegance of a lush day spa.

“We know the blessings that come from a woman observing the mitzvah of mikvah and we wanted to create a space that provides women with a sense of serenity and spirituality as they fulfill this mitzvah,” says Toba Grossbaum of Mikvah Chana. “Naomi’s Suite is a beautiful space that reflects the sanctity of this mitzvah.”

As part of the mitzvah of mikvah, a woman immerses in a heated pool of water connected to a rainwater pool, thus connecting herself with a natural source of spiritual purity. Many women use this time to connect with God, to ask for good health and blessing for themselves, their families and those in need.

Mikvah educator Rivka Slonim says in an article at chabad.org that “The mikvah offers the individual, the community and the nation of Israel the remarkable gift of purity and holiness. No other religious establishment, structure or rite can affect the Jew in this way, and, indeed, on such an essential level.”

“Naomi’s Suite” was built in memory of Mikvah Chana board member Naomi Rosenfeld, who was an advocate for the mikvah, and who, by her own actions, encouraged other women to observe this mitzvah.

To learn more about Mikvah Chana, arrange a tour or learn about the laws of family purity, contact 973-994-0200 or visit www.mikvahchana.com.