Tuesday, September 19, 2017

For thousands of years, challah baking, and, specifically, the mitzvah of “separating challah” or hafroshat challah has been a symbol of the Jewish home ever since Sarah, the mother of the Jewish people, shaped challah loaves in her tent. Every Thursday, for over 25 years, students at Chabad House at Rutgers, have continued to practice the mitzvah. Led by Mrs. Sarah Goodman, girls gather in the Chabad House kitchen and bake challah loaves for the roughly 300-400 students that come in weekly, for the Friday night Shabbat Seudah.

Now for the first time on any Rutgers campus, Jewish women from all over Middlesex County are invited to join together at the Chabad House on College Avenue to learn and share in the beautiful spiritual mitzvah of challah baking on the 26th of Shevat, 5777/February 22, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Women may be joined by their daughters (ages 12 and up), mothers and friends to have a fun and inspirational evening for just $15 per person. The program will be free to current Rutgers students that present their university identifications.

Join us and be inspired by our guest speaker, Mrs. Rivka Pevzner, beloved principal at Sinai Schools in Paris, France and be entertained by the music of the dynamic Mrs. Esther Freeman.

Mrs. Freeman’s music ranges from slow, soulful ballads to high-energy songs based on deep, esoteric concepts of the Torah and life experiences, all accompanied by personal stories that intrigue the hearts of her audiences, leaving them humming her tunes and always wanting more. The strength of her songs is in her meaningful lyrics reflecting a genuine passion to share the beauty of Judaism with the world.

This event is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Saker ShopRites and our partnership with the community organizations of Highland Park and Edison. For more information and to register, please go to our website at www.ChabadNJ.org.