Thursday, December 12, 2019

In celebration of the wonderful Highland Park Jewish community, Etz Ahaim is hosting the

first-ever kugel kiddush on Shabbat, June 17. This community is a place where people may have different outlooks and traditions, yet still remain friends because they are able to overlook these tiny differences and see everyone as part of the same Jewish body. This kiddush will celebrate the uniqueness of the Highland Park Jewish community.

The entire community is welcome, regardless of the synagogue they call home. Please come and join together and celebrate our shared Jewish heritage

To ensure everyone feels at home, there will be a variety of kugels served for our Ashkenazi friends. Of course, we will also serve our favorite Sephardic fare such as bourekas, grape leaves, Moroccan cigars and other tasty Jewish treats from Northern Africa, the Balkans and the


Please join us after Shacharit (approximately 11:30 a.m.) and celebrate the special and diverse Highland Park Jewish community.

Etz Ahaim is located at 230 Denison Ave, Highland Park. For more information, visit www.etzahaim.org.