Monday, July 22, 2019

It’s extremely important to know the status of the Highland Park/Edison Eruv before Shabbat starts! Fortunately, there are now a few ways to learn the Eruv’s status.

Twitter: The Eruv’s official alerts are sent out via Twitter. Follow @hp_eruv on Twitter and get updates about the Eruv’s status as soon as it has been determined.

Facebook: There is a Facebook group @hperuv that gets updated at the same time as the Twitter account. Follow this Facebook group, and you’ll get alerts about the Eruv’s status.

The Eruv webpage, http://hperuv.org, has the latest Twitter feed displayed on the bottom of the front page. The website has a map of the exact Eruv boundaries.

Email: Visit http://hperuv.org and sign up for the email list. The email list checks the Eruv’s status after 3 p.m. once per hour and sends out an email with updates.

Hotline: Call 732-247-ERUV.