Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Yedei Chesed is thrilled to announce its second annual Shabbaton, taking place in Passaic, on Shabbat Parshat Terumah, March 3. This special Shabbat of inclusion will bring together individuals with developmental disabilities from both Rockland County, NY and the Clifton-Passaic Jewish community, strengthening bonds with each other and forging relationships with the broader Jewish community.

We are incredibly grateful and excited to once again have our Shabbaton in the Clifton-Passaic community. A growing number of community members, including rabbanim, are lending their support and extending their resources.

Our upcoming Shabbaton is an opportunity for men with disabilities, living in your community, to strengthen their social and life skills. Participants, along with members of the broader community, will have the chance to enjoy Shabbat dinner with their host families, take part in a communal Shabbat lunch, hear words of Torah during shalosh seudat and spend Motzai Shabbat with pizza and bowling as a new group of friends.

One of the key objectives of the Shabbaton is the full integration of the broader kehila in Shabbat programs and meals, in turn creating a genuine sense of achdut. Another goal of the Shabbaton is to raise the community’s awareness as to how it can provide the best support to its members with developmental disabilities, along with their families.

According to Mr. Howard Reece, who has long been involved in organizing special needs programming in Passaic, “I am so excited to partner with Yedei Chesed for this wonderful program. Our community has a responsibility to support individuals with disabilities and the Shabbaton represents an important step in that direction.” Mr Chaim Solomon, Yedei Chesed’s day services director and Shabbaton coordinator, shares, “I am excited to build on last year’s successful model. And for this year, we are really focusing our efforts on raising the bar in terms of the community’s participation. This Shabbaton definitely promises to set a new paradigm for community-driven support for special needs individuals.”

Yedei Chesed, a non-profit organization based in Chestnut Ridge, NY, provides a full range of support services, to both children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as their families. Core to its mission, Yedei Chesed administers residential programs, clinical services, day programs for adults, life-skills training and respite programs. Yedei Chesed also offers an extensive spectrum of support programs for families, including weekend retreats, recreational programs for siblings and workshops for parents.

Once again, this special Shabbaton is open to the entire community. Please join us for any or all portions of the program, including the Friday night Oneg, Shabbat afternoon seuda and seuda shlishit. Please confirm your attendance with Mr. Chaim Solomon, day services director, at [email protected] or 845-425-0087 ext. 248.

Your support is needed to ensure the success of the Shabbaton and future programs in the Clifton-Passaic Jewish communities. Several sponsorship opportunities are available. For additional information, please contact Mr. Andrew Schultz, director of development, at [email protected] or 845-425-0887 ext. 222.

By Andrew Schultz, Director of Development