Monday, January 21, 2019

Yedei Chesed is excited to announce its upcoming women’s shabbaton taking place in the Clifton-Passaic community on Shabbat Parshat Behaalotecha, June 9. Representing Yedei Chesed’s second shabbaton of the year, this inclusive Shabbat will bring together young women of Yedei Chesed’s DayHab program, along with young women living in the Clifton-Passaic community. Once again, the broader community will participate in several portions of the program, in turn creating memorable experiences and forging new friendships.

Engendering the theme of achdut, the upcoming Shabbat will feature communal seudot on Shabbat evening and Shabbat afternoon, as well as a series of interactive and engaging programs. We are grateful for the generous hospitality of Ahavas Israel, who has once again offered to host shabbaton programming. We are also grateful to Chanie Twersky and Kool Kids who will be partnering with us to make the Shabbaton an incredible experience.

Shabbaton participants will be housed with several wonderful families. The experience of staying with a new family has always proven to be one of the most meaningful aspects of the shabbaton, for both our participants and their host families. After each shabbaton, both host families and participants are exuberant about the special time they spend together over Shabbat.

Once again, Yedei Chesed is grateful for the support of our shabbaton sponsors and we look forward to forming new partnerships in order to further enhance the experiences for these young women. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Andrew Schultz, director of development, at (845) 425-0887 ext. 222. For additional information on the shabbaton and programming, please contact Mrs. Suzanne Fishman, family service coordinator, at (845) 425-0887 ext. 271 or [email protected].