Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Divrei Torah

Join the Zichru Daf Yomi Challenge: Remember 12 Blatt in 12 Days

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Think you don’t have a good memory?

No way to remember Daf Yomi day after day?

Simply too much material in so little time?

You’re not

Dirshu Announces New World Siyumim in Eastern Europe And Cape Town; World Siyum in Binyanei Haumah Sold Out

The frenzy to obtain tickets for the sold-out World Siyum to be led by the gedolei hador this Motzei Shabbos Chanukah in the Binyanei Haumah Convention Center has compelled Dirshu to open five new remote venues in strategic locations throughout Eretz Yisrael.

Participants will be able

Who Is the Leader?

The final six parshiyot of the book of Bereishit are dominated by the intense rivalry between two brothers vying for leadership and ultimately for Jewish monarchy. Their conflict first erupts in Parshat Vayeishev as Yehuda instigates the sale of his bullied brother to a passing caravan of merchants. This faceoff between Yosef and

Benefits of Accepting Responsibility

Just last week I was looking through my text messages and saw a sequence from my mother-in- law, Rebbetzin Singer, a”h. She was thanking me for telling her what time Shabbos candle lighting was when she was in the hospital and for picking up some groceries for her. This past week, the 20th of Kislev, was her second yahrzeit. I

Self-Consumed vs. Self-Expanded

We’ve all heard the stories about how a few kind words can change and save lives. A “good morning,” a “how are you” or even an easy gesture of showing interest and concern—there are many dramatic stories how these touched the hearts of others and produced unimaginable results. What kind of people are the protagonists in

The Import of Simchas HaChaim in Our Jewish Ideology

In the previous article we discussed the idea that the charge to sustain one’s simchat hachaim” (joy of life) is an important value in our Jewish ideology. This, however, does not mean that we are meant to laugh our way through life. Rather, it reflects our commitment to grow spiritually and obtain our joy via the gifts Hashem

Bris Avrohom Launches Second Avos U’banim Learning Initiative

With the winter season upon us and Shabbat ending early, Bris Avrohom launched its Second Annual Avos U’banim on Saturday nights, where the fathers and the sons have an opportunity to learn together, embrace the portion of the week and review the materials their sons learnt in school.


Thousands Expected at Dirshu Siyum HaShas at Binyanei Haumah Convention Center in Yerushalayim

“What could be more moving than having thousands of lomdei Dirshu sitting together in one room, taking the last test on Shas and, immediately upon completing the test, entering the main hall of the Convention Center to celebrate their accomplishments with klal Yisrael led by gedolei Yisrael?” exclaimed Rabbi Shlomo

Dinah in a Box

Yaakov hurriedly spirits his camp to safety across the Yabok river to protect them from Esav’s murderous gang. The Torah carefully delineates the transport of his four wives and his 11 children—his entire entourage—as well as all of his possessions. Yet, no mention of his lone daughter is included, prompting the midrash to

From Flight to Fight

Frightening news about shootings in synagogues throughout the world has made many of us wonder: How do we protect ourselves and our families? While this question feels new, it is also very old; so often through the centuries of our exile we have found ourselves at the mercy of cruel rulers, merciless neighbors and marauding mobs.

Dealing With Anxiety

Once again, we read in Parshat Vayishlach how one of our forefathers, Jacob, had his faith put to the test. He was about to face the wrath of his brother, Esav, who was advancing toward him with a small army. The fate of his family and his life was at stake. The verse described that Jacob was “exceedingly frightened” (32:8) to

Good Investment Strategy

A few years ago I visited someone to introduce him to our yeshiva for adults and ask for his support. He had never heard anything like it; honestly, he was impressed. He said he liked our unique approach that gives access to in-depth Torah learning and provides real skills to those who didn’t acquire that knowledge earlier in