Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Twelfth-century Jewish poet Yehuda HaLevi said, “My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west.” I am much the same way. I, along with many of my neighbors in Teaneck and the surrounding areas, are strong supporters of Israel, while I am also extraordinarily proud to live here and serve on the Teaneck Town Council.

Congressman Scott Garrett, who is seeking re-election this November, has been the utmost defender of Israel, something truly remarkable for a non-Jew. This friend of Israel now needs our support and I am pleased to offer him mine. The introduction of the bill requiring the American Embassy to move to Jerusalem, his co-sponsoring bills against Hezbollah and his support for sanctions against Iran combined with his strongly held stance against last year’s Iran deal truly make him a friend of Israel. For these reasons he has earned my endorsement.

I’ve gotten to know many great and honest leaders. One thing I’m proud of is being unafraid to admit when a great leader belongs to the opposite party. As I am a Democrat, Congressman Garrett and I don’t agree on every issue, but we do agree on two important issues for me and my community. Scott has never voted to raise taxes on our families, period. That, combined with him being one of the best friends Israel has in all of Congress, make me strongly believe we should be honored to give him our votes and send him back for another term. It’s imperative that Scott be able to continue his work, and I’m honored to put Teaneck and Israel ahead of party and reach across the aisle to give him my support.

By Mark J. Schwartz, Co-Publisher, Jewish Link of New Jersey