Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Eighteen months of a roller-coaster presidential campaign; concerns over terrorism both domestic and abroad; the ongoing story of migrants rushing with urgency away from Syria; the constant vigilance of Israel in terms of security; and, yes, even the Mets’ hopes for a wildcard spot.

All of this and more we leave behind on Sunday evening as we prepare to face Hashem and begin the difficult, urgent work of asking for forgiveness and to be sealed for another year in the Book of Life.

The Yomim Noraim are not meant to be easy. Instead, they are here to offer meaning, clarity and hope for each Jew individually and as a kehilla kedosha.

In this editorial space where we’ve pointed out the positive experiences of our people and sometimes criticized the negative, we want all of our loyal readers, advertisers and all of klal Yisrael to be blessed with a healthy, sweet and meaningful Rosh Hashanah.

The Jewish Link publishers and staff want to thank you for trusting us to tell your stories; these are some of the most powerful and meaningful stories concerning Jewish communities in the tri-state area. We look forward to working with you as we enter 5777. May this year turn into everything that you prayed for beginning Sunday night.

Yes, the presidential candidates will still be campaigning when the holidays are over. And maybe even the Mets will be preparing for the playoffs. For now, though, Shana Tova! May the sweetness of the apples and honey sustain us to fully savor and enjoy the new year.