Saturday, January 25, 2020

The New York Times has never missed a chance to tell everyone how the United States should work with Israel. No, we shouldn’t be surprised with the newspaper’s editorial board, based on its track record on Israel.

The building of homes in Amona isn’t going to stand in the way of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. We take offense as an American-Jewish people that any news organization would suggest that if the Obama Administration had known about the settlements, it could have used that to rethink its recent 10-year foreign aid bill to Israel.

And to go ahead and suggest that the “best” idea under discussion would be to have the UN Security Council create guidelines for a peace agreement? The Palestinians and their corrupt President Abbas have no intention of creating a peaceful state with an infrastructure of education and commerce. Instead, it’s all about “right of return” and the word “occupation.” Indeed, “occupation” and right of return means no State of Israel.

How can the New York Times suggest that Obama, in his final months of office, create a legacy? And, sadly, that legacy would be only to the detriment of the State of Israel. The Jewish state is the best friend the U.S. has ever had in the region. It deserves America’s guarantee of a qualitative military edge in the area. And it also deserves the opportunity to work toward its own destiny, not one from an anti-Israel editorial board.

It’s difficult enough to stomach the P5+1 support Obama gave for a nuclear deal with Iran that could very well destabilize the entire region.

It’s no wonder that Israeli pollsters are finding that while the public doesn’t love Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it would prefer either one compared to the current president.

What the New York Times suggests is wrong and does nothing but enforce the already skeptical view of its journalistic objectivity with regard to Middle East coverage from a large portion of the Jewish world.

Its words are a license to incite violence within Israel, and continue the ever-horrible reality of the conduct of campus pro-BDS purveyors.

We expect more, don’t we?

Just when we think it’s safe to move forward as a nation arm in arm with Israel, we place a corrupt, radically inspired Palestinian Authority on an equal playing field with a legitimate, peace-loving nation.

What a mistake.