Wednesday, January 29, 2020

There is nothing the media likes more than branding something so they can peg it and sensationalize it, raise your adrenaline and have you coming back for more of their inflated hype. Love Fests, Warm Embraces, Charm offensives. What we have seen in the last few weeks, since Obama threatened to bomb Syria for using gas on its own citizenry,  has left many people reeling... but no one—not Bibi, not Obama, not Western leaders, and the slightly more intelligent spinners and opinionators—is convinced that anything, as conciliatory as it sounds when it comes out of Iranian President Rouhani’s mouth, is true. Most people believe it’s actions that matter, words not so much.

Of course, Rouhani rattled the ayatollah’s cages just for talking to Obama after being warned once by Khamenei not to reach out. When he got home, the new president’s convoy was pelted with shoes, rotten tomatoes and rocks. What most media outlets didn’t say is that there were more in the mob who supported his outreach efforts than shoe throwers. But who knows what they are applauding? Is it an effort to finally put an end to the insanity of Holocaust denial, threats to commit genocide against the Jews and the development of nuclear weapons? Or are they applauding his smooth duplicity? What does he really mean when he says all these less aggressive things about Jews and wishes us a Shana Tova, while his centrifuges continue to spin.

We will just have to hold our breaths and wait and see, since Obama did commit to Bibi in the White House last week. We shall see what we shall see, and pray for peace on earth all at the same time.